All Nootripure products are guaranteed to be the best value and most affordable on the market.

Learn more about why the Nootripure products despite their high price tag are actually the most affordable products on the market in their respective categories. We don’t just claim this, but we guarantee it and will price match any similar product from any other manufacturer. See terms for details.

In this example we compare the ahwagandha in Infinergii to that of a regular ashwagandha product that one will find online. To get the same amount of the active ingredient withanolides (the beneficial chemical of the herb), one must consume 7.5 capsules full of ashwagandha to equal what is in a third of a capsule of Infinergii.


We only use the most potent forms of each ingredient.

Each of the ingredients in the Nootripure products is selected by its potency. First, we choose the highest available refinement (ex: Rhodiola Rosea with 10% salidroside). Note that not a single product on doesn’t even contain Rhodiola at 10% salidroside. There are only a couple manufacturers in the world that have the technology to refine Rhodiola to this level of potency. We then acquire samples from each of those companies and test each one for the potency of its effect. Only through this method can we assure that each of our products cannot be surpassed in terms of effectiveness.

Not only is each ingredient selected based on its effectiveness, but we use Integrative Neuroscience to better understand how to increase and synergize the effects of each ingredient. Lets keep the example of Rhodiola. The mechanism of action is proposed to be a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which slows down the breakdown of important mood affecting neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin. By adding specific amounts of rhodiola, we can extend the effects of other ingredients such as the macuna pruriens, aniracetam, and phenylethylamine found in Pashiin. This allows the product to create more positive effects with less of each ingredient. One would have to consume about 5 capsules full of rhodiola rosea from another manufacturer to equal that of the small amount in Pashiin. Because we use less to create a similar effect, there is less of a chance of side effects as well. Not to mention that we also use ingredients to reduce side effects such as using ashwagandha and aniracetam to reduce the likelihood of unbalanced emotions caused by the rhodiola.

To view the potency rating on each ingredient, please click on a product and scroll to the bottom.

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Effectiveness & Safety

We use integrative neuroscience to make our solutions as effective and safe as possible.

In the area of supplemental wellness, there are 4 main categories: nutritionals, Eastern medicine / herbal solutions, homeopathy / essential oils, and synthetics / pharmaceuticals. However, each of these has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, the Nootripure products are in their own category. Read more about our integrative neuroscience technology.



  • Safe
  • Only can resolve nutritional deficiencies (not likely in developed nations)
  • No noticeable effects for years (unless one has a significant deficiency)

Eastern medicine / herbal solutions 

  • Moderately effective
  • Must take in the right combination for the right physiological condition
  • Many are not potent enough to make a significant difference
  • Usually needs to be combined with other modalities such as acupuncture

Homeopathy / essential oils

  • Dosages are very precise and must be carefully measured
  • Low effectiveness
  • Side effects if improperly taken
  • Relatively safe

Synthetics / medicine

  • Usually effective
  • Consequential side effects
  • Can make one feel off center
  • Almost always have long term damage on the liver and kidneys


  • Safe when used as directed
  • Utmost effectiveness
  • Little to no side effects
  • Strong long term health benefits
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Product Cost per packet Market Value Calculation
INFINERGII $5.00 $17.54 VIEW
PASHIIN $5.00 $16.34 VIEW
REJUVII $5.00 $13.46 VIEW
THRIIV $4.50 $12.59 VIEW

Ingredient cost breakdown

Ingredient Amount (mg) Active Inngredient Cost / mg Amz Comparative Cost
Rhodiola Rosea 125 Salidroside (12.5mg) $0.5221 $6.53
Phenylpiracetam 250 250mg $0.0090 $2.50
Cordyceps Sinensis 200 Polysaccarides (100mg) $0.0080 $0.80
Nootriplex™ 50 Can-nabinoids* (30mg) $0.16 $4.80
Ashwagandha 250 Withanolides (25mg) $0.0272 $0.68
Alpha-GPC 60 59mg $0.0031 $0.18
B- Complex 50 50mg $0.0102 $0.51
Maca 200 200mg $0.0019 $0.39
Panax Ginseng 100 80mg $0.0026 $0.28
7-keto-DHEA 50 50mg $0.0087 $0.43
Macuna Pruriens 50 L-Dopa (49mg) $0.0024 $0.12
L-Theanine 150 150mg $0.0006 $0.09
Trace Minerals 50 50mg $0.0030 $0.17
Total Amazon Cost $17.54
INFINERGII™ Cost $5.00

Ingredient cost breakdown

Ingredient Amount (mg) Active Inngredient Cost / mg Amz Comparative Cost
Bacopa Monnieri 250 Bacoside (150mg) $0.0095 $1.43
Phenylpiracetam 250 250mg $0.0090 $2.50
Omberacetam 30 30mg $0.0100 $0.30
Nootriplex™ 50 Can-nabinoids* (30mg) $0.16 $4.80
Ashwagandha 150 Withanolides (15mg) $0.0272 $0.41
Alpha-GPC 200 198mg $0.0031 $0.61
NewCaff 100 75mg $0.0015 $0.11
Ubiquinol 30 30mg $0.0212 $0.63
Vitamin K2 0.2 0.2mg $4.7933 $0.95
DHEA 15 15mg $0.0300 $0.45
Macuna Pruriens 50 L-Dopa (49mg) $0.0024 $0.12
L-Theanine 150 150mg $0.0006 $0.09
Trace Minerals 30 30mg $0.0030 $0.10
Total Cost on Amazon $12.59
THRIIV™ Cost $4.50

Cost effective

Nootripure products are about one third the cost of the industry average.

See the breakdown of costs in each product in the tables shown. Note that when one does the math to calculate the active ingredients, even if one gets a really big discount on the alternatives, Nootripure is still cheaper. We do this because as part of our mission, we want to make mental wellness affordable for everyone. Keep in mind that any profit earned goes to our research efforts for a better future of mental health for the world.


Nootripure products are utmost safe and effective. Period.

Sleep medicines increase sleep time by only about 4.5% and 60% of people experience increased drowsiness the following day according to a survey by consumer reports.

According to this study, over 50% of sex supplements on the market are contaminated with potentially harmful drugs and other substances.

5% of the US population or about 10 million people use illegal and dangerous steroids to improve athletic performance.

According to a study, there are 16 million people in the US prescribed amphetamines with many side effects that promote mental illness. In addition, 32% abuse their prescriptions.

Unlike many prescriptions, athletic performance enhancers, sexual performance pills, and sleep medicines, the Nootripure products are designed to be extremely safe with minimal side effects while still delivering unprecedented results. The Nootripure products are not only designed to make a significant improvement in one’s mental performance, but they also have many benefits for improving mental health in the long term. We leverage our Integrative Neuroscience Technology to make each product physiologically balanced; as to not put too much stress on a single organ system. Beyond that all our products are optimally potent, pure, fully certified. 

How much can $5 change the way you think, live, and feel?

Each product is priced to give you better mental performance and long term health benefits for less than $5 a day. Get your first product with a market value of over $200 for just $59.99. Click below to see the products. 

Feel free to learn more about our company or contact us if you still have questions.