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Rest faster, deeper, and wake up refreshed.

The first night time product that not only helps you rest better and deeper, but also regenerates and replenishes your brain, so you wake up feeling energetic, clear minded, and ready to take on the world.


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  • 1 Month Supply - 80 Capsules (with cycling)
  • Developed by a team of scientists and doctors
  • Quick, affordable shipping to over 200 countries
  • Fully certified and science backed ingredients
  • Change, pause, or cancel subscription anytime
  • Money back guarantee

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Afghanistan - AF Albania - AL Algeria - DZ American Samoa - AS Andorra - AD Angola - AO Anguilla - AI Antigua - AG Argentina - AR Armenia - AM Aruba - AW Australia - AU Austria - AT Azerbaijan - AZ Bahamas - BS Bahrain - BH Bangladesh - BD Barbados - BB Barbuda - AG Belarus - BY Belgium - BE Belize - BZ Benin - BJ Bermuda - BM Bhutan - BT Bolivia - BO Bonaire - AN Bosni - BA Botswana - BW Brazil - BR British Guyana - GY British Virgin Islands - VG Brunei - BN Bulgaria - BG Burkina Faso - BF Burundi - BI Cambodia - KH Cameroon - CM Canada - CA Canary Islands - ES Cape Verde - CV Cayman Islands - KY Chad - TD Channel Islands - GB Chile - CL China, People'S Republic Of - CN Colombia - CO Congo - CG Congo, Dem Rep Of - CD Cook Islands - CK Costa Rica - CR Croatia - HR Curacao - AN Cyprus - CY Denmark - DK Djibouti - DJ Dominica - DM Dominican Republic - DO Ecuador - EC Egypt - EG El Salvador - SV England (United Kingdom) - GB Eritrea - ER Estonia - EE Ethiopia - ET Faeroe Islands - FO Fiji - FJ Finland - FI France - FR French Guiana - GF French Polynesia - PF Gabon - GA Gambia - GM Georgia, Republic Of - GE Germany - DE Ghana - GH Gibraltar - GI Grand Cayman - KY Great Britain - GB Great Thatch Island - VG Great Tobago Island - VG Greece - GR Greenland - GL Grenada - GD Guadeloupe - GP Guam - GU Guatemala - GT Guinea - GN Guyana - GY Guyane - GF Haiti - HT Holland - NL Honduras - HN Hong Kong - HK Hungary - HU Iceland - IS India - IN Indonesia - ID Iraq - IQ Ireland, Northern - GB Ireland, Republic Of - IE Israel - IL Italy - IT Ivory Coast - CI Jamaica - JM Japan - JP Jordan - JO Jost Van Dyke Island - VG Kazakhstan - KZ Kenya - KE Korea, South (South Korea) - KR Kuwait - KW Kyrgyzstan - KG Laos - LA Latvia - LV Lebanon - LB Lesotho - LS Liberia - LR Libya - LY Liechtenstein - LI Lithuania - LT Luxembourg - LU Macau - MO Macedonia - MK Madagascar - MG Malawi - MW Malaysia - MY Maldives, Republic Of - MV Mali - ML Malta - MT Marshall Islands - MH Martinique - MQ Mauritania - MR Mauritius - MU Mexico - MX Micronesia - FM Moldova - MD Monaco - MC Mongolia - MN Montenegro - ME Montserrat - MS Morocco - MA Mozambique - MZ Namibia - NA Nepal - NP Netherlands (Holland) - NL Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean) - AN Nevis - KN New Caledonia - NC New Guinea - PG New Zealand - NZ Nicaragua - NI Niger - NE Nigeria - NG Norfolk Island - AU Norman Island - VG Norway - NO Oman - OM Pakistan - PK Palau - PW Panama - PA Papua New Guinea - PG Paraguay - PY Peru - PE Philippines - PH Poland - PL Portugal - PT Puerto Rico - US Qatar - QA Reunion - RE Romania - RO Rota - MP Russia - RU Rwanda - RW Saba - AN Saipan - MP San Marino - IT Saudi Arabia - SA Scotland - GB Senegal - SN Serbia - RS Seychelles - SC Singapore - SG Slovak Republic - SK Slovenia - SI South Africa, Republic Of - ZA Soviet UnionON - Sri Lanka - LK St. Barthelemy - GP St. Christopher - KN St. Croix Island - VI St. Eustatius - AN St. John - VI St. Kitts And Nevis - KN St. Lucia - LC St. Maarten - AN St. Martin - AN St. Thomas - VI St. Vincent - VC Suriname - SR Swaziland - SZ Sweden - SE Switzerland - CH Tahiti - PF Taiwan, Republic Of China - TW Tanzania - TZ Thailand - TH Tinian - MP Togo - TG Tortola Island - VG Trinidad And Tobago - TT Tunisia - TN Turkey - TR Turks And Caicos Islands - TC U S Virgin Islands - VI Uganda - UG Ukraine - UA Union Island - VC United Arab Emirates - AE United Kingdom - GB United States - US Uruguay - UY Uzbekistan - UZ Vanuatu - VU Vatican City - IT Venezuela - VE Vietnam - VN Virgin Islands - DS Wales (United Kingdom) - GB Wallis & Futuna Islands - WF Yemen, The Republic Of - YE Zaire - ZR Zambia - ZM Zimbabwe - ZW

Thanks to science

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Don't lose any more opportunities, productivity or money due to poor sleep.

Have you been…

  • Waking up with little energy?
  • Feeling unmotivated?
  • Frustrated throughout your day?
  • Feeling awkward in conversations?
  • Feeling like you lack the joy you used to have when you were a kid?
  • Having trouble remembering simple things?
  • Having trouble concentrating?
  • Need to get a better sleep?

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Wake up more refreshed than ever.

Rejuvenate, restore, and enhance your mind while you sleep with the latest in integrative neuroscience technology.

Take Control

Tomorrow just might be your big day. Are you sure you are going to get a better sleep tonight that will keep you on top of your game? With Rejuvii, you no longer have to bet your performance on hope, you have science backing you up and keeping you at your best when you need it most.

Improve Mental Performance

Rejuvii works with the body’s natural physiological processes that help restore one’s vitality, increase mental clarity, and improve overall mental health. Now you can create a more powerful mind that can achieve more, get more done, and stay sharp, tomorrow, and long into the future. Let start to improve your circadian rhythm with the natural ways.

Rest Easily, Safely, & Deeply

Say goodbye to counting sheep and groggy mornings. Rejuvii not only puts the mind at ease, relaxes the body, and assists restorative sleep cycles, but it also makes one healthier over time. Unlike many sleep supplements, this natural formula has little to no side effects and can be taken on a regular basis.

The Benefits

Here are the main 6 mind enhancing benefits by which people actually notice a significant improvement in their life by using Rejuvii.

  • More Vitality
  • Mental Clarity
  • Easier & Deeper Rest
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Feel Better

More Vitality

Do you find yourself tired throughout the day? Are these dips in performance or energy causing you to make mistakes or lose potential opportunities? It may be due to poor sleep. Rejuvii is designed to assist the body’s natural rejuvenation cycles so that you can wake up refreshed, with increased vitality, and lasting energy to get you through the whole day. Now you can take control over how well your mind performs to ensure that you maintain your energy when it matters most.

Mental Clarity

Poor sleep leads to poor thinking. When our thinking is stuck we get easily frustrated, overwhelmed, and behind on our goals. Rejuvii is designed to do much more than just help one rest easier, but it also rejuvenates the mind. Rejuvii is packed full of highly potent nootropics and adaptogens that replenish the brain so that you can think clearly about your goals, relationships, exams, or even level 70 on Candy Crush.

Rest easier & deeper

Feeling frustrated at night? Do the gears keep turning on even when the lights are off? Help your mind relax with a spectrum of powerful medicinal herbs that reduce stress and ease the mind into a peaceful state. Now you can rest easily and stay resting so that you can effectively rejuvenate your body and mind… and by extension, your life.

Increased Productivity

Don’t let poor sleep get in the way of your goals. Science has found that poor sleep leads to 4.4 times the amount of lost productivity. By using Rejuvii to optimize your mind by optimizing your brain’s rejuvenation abilities while you sleep, you can be sure to wake up refreshed and ready to stay concentrated on the tasks at hand. Stay on top of your sleep, your health, and your goals.

Improved Mental Health

Is your current sleep solution delivering the results you are looking for? Unfortunately most sleep solutions are designed to increase the time asleep rather than improve sleep quality. Rejuvii was designed first and foremost to improve sleep quality with a balanced formula of nootropics and medicinal herbs with little to no side effects. This way you can rely upon Rejuvii to not only help you wake up more refreshed than the others, but also improve your mental performance and overall mental health far into the future.

Feel Better

Have you been feeling low? Losing the excitement for life that you once had? This could be due to poor sleep. Sleep is an invigorating process that restores the organs and brain back into balance. However, when we miss sleep it causes us to feel imbalanced which can lead to a lack of enthusiasm, lower optimism, depressing thoughts, and even a lack of joy in life. The most efficient way to correct the issue is to rebalance the organ systems and the mind. Rejuvii uses many ayurvedic and Chinese herbs that help reestablish balance and once again allow one to feel joyful and motivated. It’s time to regain your confidence, your joy, and your enthusiasm towards life.

Ready to experience the benefits of Rejuvii?

The Science

We use integrative neuroscience principles to ensure that Rejuvii is able to help you achieve optimal performance while reducing side effects and improving long-term mental health.

alt= "Rejuvii ingredients helps circadian rhythm disorder and makes sleep better."

The ingredients

A blend of Ayurvedic herbs, nootropics, TCM herbs, adaptogens, mushrooms, and neurovitamins for mental clarity and well-being.

The Value

Because we are a subsidiary of a non-profit for mental health, we are able to provide low cost products that further the mission of the Nootripure Foundation of providing mental wellness for the world. Rejuvii may have a higher total cost, but if you weigh the actual ingredients in the package fairly against all other products, you will find that all our products are ½ to ⅓ the cost of most other companies in the supplement industry. To back up our statement, we price match guarantee Rejuvii to be more affordable than any similar product on the market. We do this to make mental health affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that better products lead to better results, and better results lead to a better world.


Who Uses Rejuvii?

In this graphical summary, you can see that no other solution is able to provide fast acting, effective benefits across a multitude of cognitive metrics like Thriiv.


  • Increase cognition, memory, mood, reaction time, awareness, and creativity
  • Non-addictive
  • Long-term mental health benefits
  • Cancel or pause autoship any time
  • Little to no side effects
  • Developed by a team of neuroscientists & doctors
  • MiindHealth™ program Think Better included
  • Price match guarantee
  • Developed via Integrative Neuroscience Technology
  • One month supply
  • Accuvii™ technology
  • Nootriplex™ technology
  • Legal in every country and state
  • Deliver to over 200 countries
  • Costs less than $5 a day
  • Fast & easy shipping
  • Easy & hassle free returns
  • Starts in just 30 minutes and lasts 11-12 hours
  • Reduce stress, stay confident
  • Easier to achieve flow states
  • Backed by neuroscience
  • Most effective guarantee
  • Maximum potency
  • Nootripure Foundation Membership
  • Earn up to $20 for each referral
  • Easy-to-use autoship system
  • Online University Access
  • Free eBook about Mental Health
  • Supports better mental health for the world

Get started for less than $5 a day.

alt= "Rejuvii helps circadian rhythm disorder and makes sleep better."


$59.99 first shipment

Then $99.99 (20% Off) thereafter

  • 30 Day program that creates lasting change in mental performance
  • Guaranteed to be the most effective in its class
  • Full months supply - 60 Capsules
  • Less than $5 for 12 hours of productivity
  • GMP certified FDA registered, and vegan

* Promo code discounts are applied at checkout.

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Still have questions or need more information?

Please visit the FAQ page here fore more information. Also, feel free to reach out, and one of our cognitively enhanced representatives that can help you out.

Or get started with Rejuvii for just $129.99.

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