Thriiv v1.0 FAQ

This page goes over the differences between the two.

People usually notice the effects of Thriiv within 30 minutes to an hour with the peak effects being around hour 2.5 to 6. 

The effects last about 9 hours from the time they start. If you take Thriiv too late in the day you will find yourself still energetic and crushing goals long into the night. For this reason we highly suggest taking Thriiv v1.0 not too late in the day to allow your mind time to calm down in the evening and prepare for restorative sleep.

That’s great! Use only what you need and no more. Everyone is different. This is perfectly normal and we applaud you for having this internal awareness.

Most of our customers report the side effects of Thriiv being equivalent to a cup of tea, for which most people is completely unnoticeable. The most common side effect being headaches, stomach aches, and tiredness. Stomach aches usually occur when people take Thriiv on an empty stomach which is not recommended. However, tiredness and headaches are part of the design of Thriiv as these are critical steps required in order to heal the mind. The headaches from Thriiv are from resetting the fascia around the cranium, and the tiredness is from the fascia relaxing as well. Thriiv is known to have a similar relaxing effect of that of a jacuzzi which also has these two main side effects. But for people who don’t carry a lot of stress, these effects will be very improbable and highly unlikely.

For people who are caffeine sensitive, we recommend taking no more than 1 capsule at a time. The caffeine in Thriiv is more well balanced than most sources of caffeine such as tea or coffee, but for people who have severe organ deficiencies, there may still be some signs of insensitivities.

You can learn more about the healing process of Thriiv here, and the product itself includes more information about the side effects, how to avoid them, and what to do when they occur.

Great! We encourage you to find what works best for you. What we suggest, is try the other product out for a month, then try Thriiv with Think Better for a month and do what works better for you. We don’t want to sell you something that doesn’t work for you, nor does it make sense from your point of view. But everyone is different, and we encourage exploration as to what will help you most.

Often times people have a hard time understanding what the feeling of nootropics is like. Some people will compare them to their experiences of things like alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, or recreational drugs like ecstasy, weed, or amphetamines. However, all of the aforementioned substances are actually the antithesis of Thriiv and completely opposite. These kind of substances cause one to feel euphoric and less like one’s self. In contrast, Thriiv is designed to make one feel more themselves then ever. Kind of like waking up from a power nap, or after a long meditation and yoga retreat. This is because Thriiv is moving your mind towards it’s ideal state in a balanced and healing way with all organs balanced whereas other substances create their effects from overworking a single organ. Even though Thriiv might not “feel as good”, it is designed help you feel better over time because rather than high-jacking your neurotransmitters, it is creating long term balance and clarity.

We suggest to take Thriiv as early as possible in the morning as the effects can last a long time throughout the day; preferably with something to eat like either breakfast or at least a small snack. The adaptogenic herbs are highly concentrated and can cause the stomach burn. Having a little something else in the stomach keeps this from happening. The last note, and most importantly is to not take Thriiv with any psychoactive drug such as caffeine, or other nootropic as the combinations are not studied and can potentially increase side effects.

Also, if this is your first time trying Thriiv, we recommend starting with one capsule, waiting at least 3 hours then proceeding to take more only if you don’t notice anything as it takes about 3 hours to take full effect. 

We highly recommend trying the product for a full month to get noticeable and substantial results. If there is an issue with the product, then you can return for a refund, and we will cancel any future orders if you have an upcoming autoship. You can also cancel your autoship at any time in your dashboard.

We don’t want this to be a factor in deciding to take care of your health and your performance. We reduced the price significantly for first time buyers so that you can understand how much your life will improve through a better balanced mind. Also, we offer 3 ways to get your products for free only available to members. You can check them out here. We aren’t here to make money off you, we are here to change your health and use any additional profits to help change the health of others. So if you still don’t see a way for you to try Thriiv, then please reach out to us and we will work something out.

People are often hesitant when it comes to the safety of nootropics as they are relatively new to people’s understanding. So here are a few points that will address any safety concerns.

  1. With 16 ingredients all with various mechanisms of action, Thriiv is formulated for superior balance as to not overwork any particular system like caffeine drinks or other nootropics do. You can learn more about how we use integrative neuroscience to achieve this balance and safety here.
  2. Every ingredient is inspected and verified by 3rd party laboratories mutliple times using NIR, microbial analysis, and HPLC technologies for potency and purity so you can be sure that there is no contamination of heavy metals, bacteria, or adulterated compounds. 
  3. Thriiv has been on the market for 3 years without one adverse event reported as of the writing of this post (Jan, 2021).
  4. Thriiv leverages Accuvii technology to more accurately deliver the right ingredients at the right time so as to not abuse the organs like a cup of coffee does.
  5. The nootropics used in Thriiv are of the most popularly used, most widely studied, and with the most safety research of any nootropics in the world.
  6. Compared to a cup of coffee, Thriiv will be much easier on the body, the organs, and all physiological systems.

However, these things are stated assuming people follow the instructions and don’t abuse Thriiv. We have included a 100 page informational booklet on how to safely use Thriiv and get the most out of it for long term health benefits, and we also individually packaged each dose so that there is no confusion about how much one should take in a day. We also packaged the product in 20 count packs to keep people from continually using Thriiv when they should be cycling usage as per the instructions; and lastly, Thriiv is packed full of adaptogenic herbs should someone try to take more than they should, they would likely throw up before they could use Thriiv as a tool for abuse. All of these safety measures are in addition to any regulatory safety guideline, and supersede the level of safety of any company currently selling health supplements, nootropics, or pharmaceutical products that we are aware of. 

The proposition of safety is assuming that there is no damage. But beyond no damage is creating long term health. Simply being safe in itself, to us, is a very low bar to set. But making drastic improvements in mental clarity and health in a matter of weeks is where we like to set the standard of safety and health with our products.

Ultimately, there is a risk with anything that we ingest, whether it be the water from our faucet, a tomato imported from another country, or a nootropic supplement. So it is best to be cautious about all things. If we were to fairly compare the safety of Thriiv with what is commonly taken, you will find that Thriiv is more safe than many health products that you are already consuming and many times more safe than common drugs such as aspirin or allergy medicine. No one in the last 50 years of nootropic use has died from the nootropic ingredients included in Thriiv, but, sadly, we couldn’t say the same for even a tomato or our drinking water, let alone the tens of thousands of people that die every year from medications given for various mental illness related conditions. The very same conditions that Nootripure is here to put an end to.

Yes, we can ship to pretty much any country in the world. Just select the international shipping option at checkout. To see the full list of countries, click here.

Yes, the ingredients and even the cannabinoids used in Thriiv are legal in every country and state in the world. This is possible because the cannabinoids in Nootriplex™ are not derived from, or are in any way related to the can-nabis plant. They are derived from unique spices found across Asia that are already approved by the FDA of every country.

Some of the confusion arises from the nootropics used in Thriiv. Where nootropics are not approved or registered by the FDA but they aren’t illegal in any country either. They’re simply in an “unknown” legal category by most or all countries. 

Please keep in mind that Thriiv v1.0 contains DHEA and vitamin k2. You will need to check with your country’s laws to see if these are permitted.

Furthermore, we provide all the necessary paperwork for customs to help get the products through easily and without effort from your side. If the product gets held or doesn’t make it for any reason, just let us know and we will either send another box or refund your order.

With that said, laws and regulations are constantly changing so it is advisable to consult with your local attorney about the ingredients in Thriiv for more clarification.

If it is already past 2pm and you realize you didn’t take your thriiv that day, then we highly suggest to use that day as one of your days off. Safe use of Thriiv requires you to take 2 days off per week of any mind altering substance (except that recommended by your physician). Taking it late in the day will disturb sleep and the lack of sleep can potentially make mental health worse. The goal of taking Thriiv over any other supplement is to restore brain function, so taking it late would defeat the whole purpose.

Undoubtedly the total cost of Thriiv is higher than other supplements, however, the amount you pay per active ingredient will be much higher with any other brand. If one is to measure the amount of each ingredient, per cost, you will likely come to the conclusion that all the Nootripure products are about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of most other brands. We are able to do this because we are a subsidiary of a non-profit for mental wellness and we don’t rely on the profits for our success. So, we are very confident that Thriiv is the best value on the open market in the category of cognitive enhancement solutions. If you don’t agree, just show us one product that is more affordable and we will give you a comparable price as part of our best value guarantee. Also, please keep in mind, that your purchase is guaranteed, comes with the Nootripure membership benefits, the Think Better program and the money received from your purchase goes to better mental health for the world. If you would like to help make the products more affordable, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Nootripure Foundation.

Yes! …If you take it too late in the day. For this reason, we highly suggest to take it as early as possible. If taken at least 9 hours before your bed time, it should allow you to sleep just fine. Also, to ensure a better nights rest, you can look at the Nootripure product Rejuvii that is designed to optimize your mind during the night and help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Yes! Thriiv is meant to only be taken at the VERY MAXIMUM five days a week. Any more than this can cause potential downregulation, increased side effects, and eventually poor mental health. This rule applies to all nootropics and even things like pharmaceuticals, caffeine, nicotine, coffee, etc. The scientific evidence supports that continual use of any mind altering substance will always lead to imbalances and disasterous consequences.

With that being said, it is critically important not to take anything mind altering on the days off including alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or other drugs. The mind needs at least two days a week to reestablish it’s physiological equilibrium.

FDA Dislaimer: Some medications require longer periods of cycling usage but still need to be cycled. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

But we sincerely hope that your doctor will never tell you otherwise.

No problem. Just refuse the package, or send it back, and we will refund your money and cancel all future orders.

Most professional sports leagues ban nootropics from being used in competitions due to the unfair advantage it gives athletes. We support this for the sake of fair competition in sports. But when it comes to simply creating better mental well-being for those who are not engaged in professional sports, there are no rules to what you can use to get the advantage over your health issues or lack of mental performance. 

100% Guaranteed no. This would go against the laws of chemistry and physics as the cannabinoids in Nootriplex are structurally very different than the cannabinoids that are tested in a drug test. The only similarity between the two is that they tend to work on similar protein receptor groups in certain cells in the body. So far many thousands of people have used the Nootripure products without any issue of this.

The amount of Caffeine in Thriiv is equivalent to that of a cup of tea. However, when comparing how Thriiv feels, it will be much different than a cup of tea for two reasons. Firstly, the caffeine is administered over the course of a 3 hour time period using Accuvii™ technology. Also consider that there are other stimulatory nootropics in Thriiv besides caffeine that will make it more noticeable than a cup of tea. But the other nootropics use different mechanisms of action and help balance the caffeine as to reduce the likelihood of any side effects from the caffeine. Furthermore, the adaptogens in Thriiv will make the experience much calmer and relaxed than one would experience with a cup of tea. So in summary, you will experience the alertness and wakefulness that you might get from your favorite caffeinated drinks, but with less side effects, while feeling more relaxed, intelligent, patient, emotionally connected, and concentrated. From all of our testing, we have found this balance to be optimal for mental clarity and productivity.

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You can find more in depth information about Rejuvii and all topics related to Nootripure in the Help Center.

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