Privacy & Payments

We handle your information and payments with utmost security.


  • Your information will only be visible to the Nootripure Foundation and it’s subsidiaries. No other parties will have access to your information. 
  • Your information that we gather on your account is available upon your request.
  • Beyond the information you give us such as your email, billing address, and shipping address, we may also collect your Facebook and / or your Google id so that our site can log you in should you use those services.
  • We use Google and Facebook tracking on our site for our marketing services. These are the standard tracking services that almost every site in the world uses. So please allow these cookies, for if disabled, it will throw off our data. Plus, these cookies are gluten free, organic, and delicious.
  • This site and the Nootripure Foundation site load cookies into your browser to track whether you are logged in, what is in your cart, interaction with courses, and for our referral system. Please do not disable them, for if you do so, any purchasing or account interactions will not work. These cookies are nootropic chip flavored.


  • We use SSL encryption with one of the most advanced web security systems to keep your data safe and secure.
  • We do not share any data outside of the Nootripure companies including affiliates and 3rd party companies without your permission.
  • With thousands of hacking attempts a day, we have not had even one piece of data get leaked, and neither has Stripe.


  • We do not store your credit card information. It is immediately passed directly to Stripe for secure storage.
  • Payments and all payment information are handled by Stripe, the world’s leader in online payment management. 
  • Our site doesn’t store any credit card information except the last 4 digits of your card so that you can identify which card you wish to purchase with.

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