The MiindHealth™ Programs

Technology for developing superior mental performance.

A program for each area of life that is designed to assist their respective Nootripure nutraceutical product in developing one’s mental performance. The programs are integrated into the Nootripure app that is expected to launch in late 2021.

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What are the MiindHealth™ Programs?

Nootripure has developed a product for each area of life such as sexual wellness, career and productivity, sleep, and athletics. But this is only a physiological solution. To more effectively and quickly resolve long standing health related issues, we must also engage lifestyle changes, build healthy habits, create healthy thought patterns, and learn more techniques to further develop ourselves. The MiindHealth™ programs are information based applications to be included into the Nootripure mobile app that assist the user of the Nootripure products to engage in lifestyle practices that further develop oneself in that area of life. The information has been curated by our scientists who have over 100 years of combined experience and incorporates many fields of science such as psychology, neuro-associative conditioning, neuro-linguistic programming, along with ayurvedic and Chinese medical practices. The MiindHealth™ programs make developing superior mental wellness fun, easy, and practical. Now you can take full control of your mental health and your life by leveraging a complete toolset for improving your mental performance and every area of your life.

Why are they important?

We have workout programs, we have diet programs, so now we are fit and sexy, but we are still miserable fit and sexy. The MiindHealth™ programs are like a fitness program for your mind.

The mind is much different than the body. Sure you can do some games or brain puzzles, but there is a likely chance that your iq and mental capacity will go down over time. Why? Because we as human beings living in the 21st century often use our brain past what it can physiologically support. So our brain is not limited by our lack of complex problem solving, in fact it is quite the opposite. Most of the problems that people experience are from using their brain too much. For humans, the brain consumes a massive amount of physiological resources and for a day of moderate activity, will consume more calories than every muscle in the body combined. For this reason, the health and strength of the brain is limited by the amount of balance in our lifestyle, our thoughts, our physiology, and our emotions, as well as the effectiveness of our healing modalities toward our mind.

Most people have never taken the time to perfect their lifestyle, thoughts physiology, emotions, or healing modalities as they relate to mental health. We just go from one assignment, to a conversation, to meeting a deadline, to complex problem solving to the next conversation, and so on until we fall asleep. We abuse our mind day after day sometimes all day long, but when should we take action to sharpen our mind?

There are a number of exercise videos that have proven that they can help you get solid visible abs with just 15 minutes of practice a day. How much difference do you think just caring for your mind for 15 minutes a day with the most effective tools and strategies in the world can do for you? To spoil the answer, it can completely turn your life around, as it has for many existing customers. One might find a similar effect from training with tibetan monks or indian gurus. But if you don’t have time to travel to the boonies of asia to perfect the nature of your human being, then the MiindHealth™ programs will allow you to take a similar path, all on your own time, anywhere you have your cell phone. Now improving mental health is easy, accessible, and free for everyone.

What's in them?

The scientists at Nootripure have taken the time to create a handful of programs with only the most critical practices and the most important information so that people can develop their mental well-being in the most efficient way possible, without having to read through over 10,000 research papers (as we have). The content in the MiindHealth programs is completely different from that of any blog, articles, or anything else you can find on the internet as it is based on integrative neuroscience principles and is optimized for those with busy lifestyles with limited time and a limited budget.

Nootripure offers a solution for each area of life. Beyond upgrading one’s physiology via the nutraceutical products, one will be able to do other things such as set performance goals, track your progress, and integrate psychology based tools in order to build a high-performing lifestyle of mental wellness.

How do I get access?

The MiindHealth™ programs are built into the Nootripure app and will be available to all Nootripure customers for free as our gift to you. Our site tracks which products have been purchased by which customers. So when you log into the Nootripure app, it will detect which MiindHealth™ programs you have access to and you will be able to find them in the menu. The Nootripure app will then become your assistant to better mental wellness, in your pocket.

When will they be available?

The MiindHealth programs were originally going to be written into ebooks. But ebooks have very little ability to keep one engaged and create drastic results. However an app is interactive and can assist you with the process until your goals are achieved. So the MiindHealth™ programs are being built into the Nootripure app that is due to be released in late 2021. If you have purchased any of the Nootripure products through us or any distributor, you are already pre-registered for access to the MiindHealth™ programs. You don’t need to do anything else except continue improving yourself with the current products. Once the app is launched, you will be notified and we will help you gain access to the programs.

Purchase any product now to get pre-registered for MiindHealth™

Please check out the help center if you still have questions about these programs.