Think Better.

To promote mental wellness through superior neuroscience technology, research, and education.

Technology that Creates Happiness

It would be safe to say that everyone is searching for happiness in some way. However, we live in a society where we can get almost anything we want, yet, more people die from suicide each year than guns, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS or traffic accidents. 44 million people in America live with mental disorders every day and America is ranked one of the least happy countries in the world. Maybe what we need is not faster machines or more entertainment, but rather to control how we think and feel so that we can create a workable and happy life. We believe that by optimizing one’s neurophysiology, one can think, feel and perform the way they want, and create a happy lifestyle.

360 Degree Approach

Our team of scientists is constantly working on patenting new supplement and drug inventions that give people opportunities to perform better than they ever could imagine. This is all possible because we have leveraged the strengths of many areas of science. We believe that it takes many different angles to discover the truth about how something works in a complex environment such as our brain. 
We combine the knowledge of Ayurvedic, Chinese, nutritional, pharmaceutical medicines with cannabinoids and medicinal mushrooms with experience gained from diverse backgrounds including Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Pharmacology, Medical Chinese Herbology, Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutritional Science. Through this we gain a better understanding of how to optimize the human brain in a way that allows people to live healthily and happily.

Working Alongside 11 Non-profits

Creating an optimized mind and an optimized life comes down to more than just what neuroscience can provide. It is just one aspect of the whole picture of mental wellness. We are a results focused company. This is why we work alongside 11 non-profit organizations and many other partners to help people improve their mental health.

Clinical Effectiveness

We believe that anyone living a modern, complex and busy lifestyle should be taking supplements of some kind, but the issue is that it may take weeks, months, or even years to notice any difference. Our products are effective far beyond that of any supplement, nootropic, herb blend, you have ever seen and  (unlike pharmaceuticals) are designed to work with the body to give lasting health benefits. Many of our customers will tell you that our products have significantly improved their life within a matter of days, not months or years, and have made them feel continuously better throughout their journey with the Nootripure products.

Thousands of Lives Changed

The result is that we have now helped thousands of people across the world live better through optimizing their mindset and unleashing their potential. All the profits go to further research, educational outreach, and other non profit organizations that are contributing to the mental wellness of our society.

Our Principles

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    The equilibrium of the brain is very delicate and requires balance to operate effectively. We ensure that each product promotes longevity keeps your brain at its optimal state.

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    We believe that not one company can provide everything one needs to make a serious impact in one’s life. This is why we work as a team from many different backgrounds and why we work alongside non-profit organizations, doctors, and health focused partners.

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    Our products are guaranteed to be the most effective supplement product on the planet. We create these products to put you in a state where you can flourish. We only succeed by you achieving your ultimate state of mind.

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    We are consistently working on new and better ways to help others achieve the level of health and mental performance they desire. Through constantly researching new approaches, new substances, new combinations, and new methodologies, we have achieved being the most innovative company in our industry.

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    We do extensive safety research and go through many rounds of analytical testing and beta studies before releasing a new product. Furthermore, we have all ingredients and products from our partners 3rd party lab tested to ensure cleanliness and purity.

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    We started our journey by asking how we can allow people to succeed at whatever it is they want in life, then we worked backward to create our unique product line that does exactly that.

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    All our products are made using the highest quality sources available at the highest concentrations available.

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    We believe that all change starts with education. And whether people need our products or not, if they want to change their life, they must learn about the necessary tools to do that. That is why we provide the Nootripure University and is why we partner with non-profits that focus on education. If people know better, they will do better.