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Mental & Physiological

Programs for the mind and body

Each of the products consist of a supplement and an eBook program packed full of psychology based tools that have been scientifically verified to be the most effective techniques to optimize the performance of the mind. These techniques come from neuro-linguistic programming, EFT, clinical psychology, neuro-associative conditioning, and cognitive neuroscience. These programs guide you to better mental performance in various areas of life and detail how best to use the supplementary products. The supplementary products give a physiological boost, and when used according to the corresponding program, will give multiplied benefits for short term performance, and long term health.

Integrative Neuroscience Technology

Integrating many areas of science to improve mental wellness

Integrative Neuroscience Technology is the combination of modern medicines like nootropics with herbal medicines (such as adaptogens) from TCM and Ayurveda. Our understanding and approach are validated by using anatomical, physiological, and bioelectric models from the most modern research. We leverage the strengths of each type of medicine and negate their side effects to leave you with a powerful yet balanced feeling that no other product can.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Guaranteed effective programs that deliver results fast.

Each of the Nootripure products are designed to be the most effective in the world for their respective categories. There are many health products that can improve your brain health over time, but the effects wouldn’t be felt for months or even years. And there are many products such as caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, or other over-the-counter pills that could help you feel better for the day, but aren’t healthy long term. The Nootripure products solve this by enhancing your performance past that of any other product on the market, while making your mind and body much healthier in the long term. No longer do we have to sacrifice our health to feel our best.

Maximum Potency

Only extracts of the highest available potency

For each ingredient, we get samples from 10-30 suppliers to choose one that is of higher potency. These can range from 2x to 20x the market average. This high level of potency allows us to deliver powerful results in 2 to 4 easy to swallow capsules.

In the image of the capsules, you can see that just a small portion of the 2 capsules in Thriiv contain the same amount of withanolides (the active ingredient in ashwagandha) as 6 full capsules of the leading competitors.

Lowest Cost

Making mental health affordable

If we measure by the amount of active ingredients in our products (excluding fillers and inert plant material), then you will find that the Nootripure products are the lowest cost products on the market in their respective categories. In fact, each of them is about 2-4x lower cost than the market average as you can see with the cost per milligram of active ingredient in the chart. We are very confident that our products are the most affordable on the internet, so if one is to find a similar product that is cheaper, Nootripure Laboratories will price match.

Our hope is that by making the products more affordable, that they will impact more lives, spread awareness about the issues of mental health, and demonstrate the importance of our research.

Measured cost per milligram of active ingredients.


Engineering can-nabinoid compounds that improve healing and cognition

Because can*nabinoids have very powerful healing properties, as they heal the mind, they improve cognitive performance across a variety of metrics. The issue with can*nabinoids is that they tend to have side effects such as impaired cognition, a lack of concentration, and lethargy. Nootripure was the first to engineer a can*nabinoid solution that actually improved cognition, concentration, and motivation.

Note that Nootriplex™ is not derived from the cannabis plant and is legal in every country and state.


Targeted delivery method for increased safety

Even though we already chose ingredients with minimal side effects and balanced them using INT, we found that we could reduce side effects further by controlling when and where each ingredient is delivered to your body. This targeted bio-delivery system allows us to enhance effects of the products further and make them even safer for everyone.

Fully Certified

Utmost purity and safety

The Nootripure products are developed under strict standards according to regulations from the Food and Drug Administration, Good Manufacturing Practices, and the National Science Foundation. Each ingredient is 3rd party lab tested using NIR and HPLC after the initial production and when they arrive at the manufacturing facility in California. After the products have been finished, they undergo a third test for purity and potency to make one last check for safety before they get sent out for packaging.

The Products

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The ultimate in cognitive enhancement: Thriiv is a quick-acting and 12 hour lasting nootropic powered boost of vitality, creativity, confidence, and concentration designed to maximize your productivity; developed by the neuroscientists at Nootripure Laboratories.

R E J U V I I is a natural sleep supplement that helps improve circadian rhythm and rest better.
R E J U V I I is a natural sleep supplement that helps improve circadian rhythm and rest better.

R E J U V I I is a natural sleep supplement that helps improve circadian rhythm and rest better.

The first night time product that not only helps you rest better and deeper, but also regenerates and replenishes your brain so you wake up feeling energetic, clear minded, and ready to take on the world.

I N F I N E R G I I is the Best Pre Workout Supplements to Help Enhance Sports Performance
I N F I N E R G I I is the Best Pre Workout Supplements to Help Enhance Sports Performance

I N F I N E R G I I is the Best Pre Workout Supplements to Help Enhance Sports Performance

The first and only nootropic performance supplement for athletes. Infinergii is backed by science, safe, and effective. Infinergii not only gives one energy, but also increases alertness, concentration, reaction time and cognition while creating lasting mental performance.

P A S H I I N will help you enhance libido, sexual desire, & health.
P A S H I I N will help you enhance libido, sexual desire, & health.

P A S H I I N will help you enhance libido, sexual desire, & health.

The first ever sexual health product that does much more than increase physical stimulation, stamina, and libido. PASHIIN is designed to enhance your experience of love.


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