A quick page of questions and answers that gives insight into what Nootriplex is, how it works, why it is important, and the impact it is making in the lives of many.

Nootriplex is an engineered cannabinoid compound developed in 2017 by Nootripure Laboratories. It was the first invention by Nootripure and it is the foundation and is included in each of the Nootripure products.

With increasing research into cannabinoids, we wanted to create something that could leverage the power of cannabinoids, but make it available to everyone. Currently, cannabis and by extension, hemp and CBD are going through a legal battle in the United States. So we decided to jump ahead of this and offer a cannabinoid solution that was not derived from hemp or cannabis so that anyone in the world could get the powerful benefits of cannabinoids but without the risk of illegality.
Many plants across the world contain cannabinoids, so we extracted them from various spices from across Southeast Asia. We then modified the compound and combined it with synergistic elements to make it more effective for the purpose of cognitive enhancement and cognitive health.
The body uses messengers called neurotransmitters which are molecules that are passed between cells, or can be found in neuronal junctions between neurons and sometimes other cell types that give a signal to perform a specific function. Those functions might be something like to produce an emotion, to form a memory, to link neurons together so that the mind can adapt to a new situation, and an unlimited number of other things. To interpret these signals, cells bare equipped with receiving proteins to interpret the signals called neuroreceptors. There are tens of thousands of neuroreceptors that can be grouped into complexes such as the GABA complex, the Adenosine complex, the NMDA complex, the Acetylcholine complex, the Serotonin complexes, the Nicotinic complex, and the Cannabinoid complex. By carefully articulating how messages are passed between the nervous system and by extension the rest of the body, one can more clearly articulate the cellular performance of the human body. Having access to a completely new complex of neuroreceptors just adds to the amount of flexibility, ingenuity and complexity of solutions.
The current method of science is to target one specific neuroreceptor to make all the necessary changes in the human physiology. However, if you were a mechanic, would you want to use only one tool to fix your entire car? Would you only use a single wrench to perform every task? Or would you want a garage full of tools? Each drug is a tool that can be used to fix ( or in better wording) rebalance the human machine. Cannabinoids have very specific properties that cannot be performed by other chemicals such as the signalling to change the properties of the fascia. The fascia is probably the most important structure in the human body in regards to disease as most chronic diseases can be traced back to some deficiency in the fascia, at least in some part. So by creating solutions that can optimize the fascia, one will be able to better stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body. Then once the body is able to better reconstruct itself, it will be able to perform better, physically and mentally.
As we move through life, our body seeks to perform better mentally and physically than the demand of the social and physical environment. When the environment becomes more demanding, our body and mind must struggle to keep up. This creates what we commonly refer to as stress, which is the foundation for every chronic disease. The expected benefits from Nootriplex are that it will reduce stress, relax the body, facilitate the body’s natural repair processes, which together help it perform better and become more resilient to stress.
Yes. We made sure to follow all proper GMP and FDA guidelines in the development of Nootriplex. Nootriplex is not a drug but is considered under GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status by the FDA. This is the same status as all vitamins. However, we seek to go beyond the minimum standards of safety laid out by the FDA for the Nootripure products, so ideally it would not only be more beneficial, but also safer than any vitamin product.
Yes. Nootriplex is legal in every country and state in the world. People usually ask this question as there are many compounds in the cannabinoid class that are quite illegal and often used as drugs or pharmaceuticals. However, Nootriplex is a supplement and has nothing to do with any of the other compounds in the cannabinoid class. Furthermore, Nootriplex will never be made illegal as it is not psychoactive and is incapable of being abused.
We include Nootriplex into each of the Nootripure products because fighting stress is the fundamental function of a human being to stay healthy. Whether you find yourself trying to fall asleep, run a marathon, take a test, or engage in sexual activity, in every situation it is necessary to reduce stress in order to perform at one’s best. When one performs well on a physiological level, one will perform well on a mental and physical level too.
The mission of the Nootripure Foundation is to provide mental wellness for the world. Which means that we are at war, and the number one enemy is stress. With that being said, having the best tools to fight stress and keep the body balanced will give humanity the best chance of surviving and ultimately winning this war.
We have ongoing research projects in the area of cannabinoids and will be releasing a number of patents on that research over the following years. This research is being funded by donations and the product sales of the Nootripure products. The more products we sell, the more people will be able to turn away from things like drugs, alcohol, caffeine drinks, and other such things that cause stress, and use the Notripure products to reduce their stress, thus slowly, person by person, winning the war against mental illness. Then we turn those funds around into the research that further advances the Nootripure products so that people can get even better results in promoting mental wellness. Over time, we will become increasingly more efficient and will hopefully be able to resolve mental health issues with ease as time goes on.
It would be difficult to say what impact this one ingredient has made because we don’t sell the ingredient individually. It is combined with many other ingredients using Integrative Neuroscience Technology principles to give people the ultimate solution for improving mental health in various areas of their life such as sexuality, productivity, athletics and sleep. However, the Nootripure products have already made a significant impact in the lives of thousands of people across the world and we continue to get letters of appreciation for helping those people along their path to mental wellness.

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