The Science Behind Pashiin

Learn more about the technology and science that gives Pashiin it’s powerful effects with utmost safety.

Integrative Neuroscience Technology

We use a scientific model that allows us to balance the organs and physiological systems better so that we can push the mind to new levels while maintaining the balance of the organs and utmost safety. 


Annyesha Satapathy Ph.D.



John Holloway


Myra Anand

Annyesha Satapathy Ph.D.

Ayurvedic Doctor


Dr. Jack Chang

Chinese Medicine Doctor


Jose Lopes Ph.D.


Wendy Small

Wendy Yoder Ph.D.


Dai Lee Big

Dai Lee Ph.D.


Dr Asaeesha

Dr. Asaeesha

Ayuvedic Doctor

Created by a Team of Neuroscientists and Doctors

Pashiin was created by a team of neuroscientists and doctors from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine backgrounds among others. In order to develop to biological models that go into the design of Pashiin, expertise from many disciplinary backgrounds were needed. The result being a product that can do what no other can. To learn more about our company and the team that designs the products, click below.

6 Types of Medicine

There are 6 types of medicine that give Thriiv it’s power. Nootropics and adaptogens are the main classes along with mushroom technology, TCM herbs, ayurvedic herbs, and cannabinoids. Click here to learn more about the ingredients and their benefits.

Better Technology



Accuvii is our premiere nano-delivery technology that ensures that the right amount of each ingredient is delivered to the right place at the right time. Accuvii helps further keep the organs in balance, reduce side effects, and increase the effects.



Nootriplex is a proprietary cannibinoid compound engineered by the scientists at Nootripure. It was designed to give the healing benefits of cannabinoids while providing the cognitive benefits of a nootropic. Nootriplex contains absolutely zero percent cannabis and is legal in every US state and country. 

Now you can enhance your sexual performance so that you can live fully once again thanks to Integrative Neuroscience Technology.

Dr. Wendy M. Yoder Ph.D


PASHIIN™ Project Lead

“The objective is to improve emotional intimacy by restoring many of the neurochemical imbalances responsible for generating the psychological experience of love.”

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