It takes about 30-50 minutes for the effects to begin.

People report the effects of Infinergii being that of their best days performing as an athlete. Keep in mind that Infinergii can’t make you do something that you’re not already capable of. But it can be the difference between having a bad performing day, and making into one of your best performing days. And who knows, you just may learn something new. 

Infinergii’s stimulatory effects last for about 6 hours. There are many other effects such as mental clarity that can last longer, but they should not interfere with sleep. Then there are many longer lasting benefits that will build up the more one uses Infinergii.

We don’t want this to be a factor in deciding to take care of your health and safe athletic training. From donations to the Nootripure Foundation and other sources of revenue, we have already significantly reduced the cost of the Infinergii product so that anyone can improve their mental health while improving their athletic performance. Also, we offer 3 ways to get your products for free only available to members. You can check them out here. We aren’t here to make money off you, we are here to change your health. So if you still don’t see a way for you to try Infinergii, then please reach out to us.

Great! We encourage you to find what works best for you.

First of all, Infinergii is for mental performance only and is designed to work best when combined with things like pre-workout/ post-workout powders, multivitamins, energy packs, bars, and candy as well as other herbal supplements. The one consideration is to not mix anything that affects one’s mental state with Infinergii such as coffee, tea, mentally stimulating drugs, energy drinks, and energy food products that contain caffeine.

If you are comparing Infinergii to another athletic performance product that is intended to be mentally stimulating, then what we suggest, is try the other product out for a month, then try Infinergii with Perform  Better for a month and do what works better for you. We don’t want to sell you something that doesn’t work for you, nor does it make sense from your point of view to buy something that doesn’t work as well as another product. But everyone is different, and we encourage exploration as to what will help you most.

If you try Infinergii and don’t notice a significant difference, it should be alarming as not many people can consume a coffee worth of caffeine along with some of the more potent nootropics in the world. In this case, you might have a severe issue with your organ systems and we recommend ceasing your use of infinergii, as well as any type of stimulant and to see a doctor.If you are experiencing side effects like jitteriness, or brain fog, we firstly recommend taking only one capsule at a time. If these effects even come with one capsule, then please let us know and we will help you process a return.
Infinergii takes about 30 minutes to be absorbed and about an hour to experience the full effects.

No problem. Just refuse the package, or send it back, and we will refund your money and cancel all future orders.

We recommend to start out with a half dose of 2 capsules if it is your first experience using Infinergii. Then wait at least an hour to see if you feel satisfied or whether you want to continue taking a full dose. Two capsules will have the equivalent amount of energy as that as a cup of tea. Four capsules has the equivalent amount of energy as a cup of coffee. So please use with discretion and see what works best for your body.

Yes, we can ship to pretty much any country in the world. Just select the international shipping option at checkout. For a full list of countries, please click here.

Please click here to find a list of countries that are legal to import Infinergii. 

Nootropics can sometimes cause suspicion as to whether they are legal as they may be confused with smart drugs like modafinil. However, the nootropics we selected in Infinergii have an extensive amount of safety research behind them and are well-accepted by almost every country in the world. 

The other thing that might lead one to ask this question is about the cannabinoids used in Nootriplex. Rest assured that there is no hemp, derivitaves of, or anything related to cannabis in Infinergii. Nootriplex is an engineered compound that is derived from east asian cooking spices. These ingredients are all registered as GRAS with the  FDA agency in every country making Nootriplex legal in every state and country in the world.

We know that the total cost is higher than other sports supplements, however, the amount you pay per active ingredient will be much higher with other brands. So, we are very confident this is the best value on the open market in the category of Performance Solutions. And if you don’t agree, just show us one product that is more affordable and we will give you a comparable price. Please keep in mind, that your purchase is guaranteed, comes with the Nootripure membership benefits, the Perform Better program and the money received from your purchase goes to better mental health for the world. If you would like to help make the products more affordable, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Nootripure Foundation.

The side effects would be similar to that of coffee such as potential headaches, increased thirst, dry mouth, nausea, and increased heart rate. However, the side effects should be much less than coffee as coffee is completely unbalanced an is highly likely to cause the body to become disrupted. We worked extremely hard to design Infinergii so that there are no side effects by making sure all the organ systems are balanced. Side-effects keep one from performing one’s best, so it was of the highest priority to design Infinergii to be as near to side-effect-free as possible. 

In terms of purity, all ingredients are 3rd pary lab tested multiple times via NIR and HPLC lab analysis to ensure potency and purity. Infinergii is also manufactured in an FDA registered, cGMP certified, NSF certified facility and meets all safety requirements. Furthermore, most companies formulate their products based on their ability to sell them, or in other words, what is trendy and marketable. In contrast, the Infinergii formula was carefully developed over the course of 14 months by a team of doctors and scientists and went through multiple rounds of in vivo testing before we put it into production.

When people ask about safety, it is very difficult to answer because everyone is comparing Infinergii to something different. Infinergii contains very powerful adaptogenic herbs, Chinese medicines, and nootropics.  When comparing to something like a multivitamin, it could be debatable as Infinergii will likely be more safe than most big brand supplement manufacturers due to contamination issues, but less safe than some of the higher end supplement manufacturers such as Life Extension.

Compared to taking energy drinks, coffee, nootropics or stimulants, Infinergii will be much safer as the formula is much more natural to the human body and is optimally balanced. Compared to other things that people use to improve performance in sports such as steroids or stimulant medications, Infinergii is many times more safe, and surely your doctor can confirm that. 

To ensure that Infinergii offers the most benefit with the least amount of risk or side effects, please read and follow the instructions in the manual included in the product box. In the product box is detailed instructions about dosing, timing, and cycling. We highly recommend following these instructions to get the most out of Infinergii and your athletic performance. 

Compared to something like an energy drink or coffee, the crash from infinergii should be very small. But if you are used to the smooth experience of Thriiv, then in comparison, Infinergii will be a little more tiresome around the 6 hour mark. A lot of the user reports experience lethargy after using Infinergii, but mostly because they were performing at an extremely high level for the previous 5 hours. Exerting an intense amount of energy for such a time period would make anyone exhausted.
No. Infinergii does not contain any cannabis or any derivative from cannabis. Therefore it is fully legal to be transported throughout the US and internationally. People often get confused about this because Infinergii contains a proprietary cannabinoid compound called “Nootriplex”. However all of the cannabinoids in Nootriplex™ are sourced from plants other than cannabis such as cooking spices and trees. The cannabis plant is illegal in most countries, but cannabinoids in general are not illegal in any country.
Yes and no. Your muscle strength is determined by the number of mitochondria per muscle cell and how many muscle cells you have. There is no technology that can develop mitochondria or induce muscle cell division. Therefore there is no supplement or drug that can make one actually stronger, they can only facilitate muscle recovery at best.Infinergii works mostly neurologically, so your muscles are unchanged. However, users have reported being able to lift more weight at the gym while taking Infinergii. This is due to 2 factors. Firstly, Infinergii puts the mind into a concentrated and relaxed state, allowing for one to concentrate their muscle power more accurately and without shaking when pushing at one’s maximum ability. Secondly, Infinergii helps with oxygenation of the blood and delivery to the muscles. Increased oxygen not only fuels the brain but also delivers more ATP for improved muscle contractions. In this sense Infinergii will allow one to push their muscles harder with less recourse.
If you take Infinergii on an empty stomach, yes, it might make your stomach burn. The herbs in Infinergii are very potent and can cause stomach aches. We recommend taking Infinergii with a snack or small meal; preferably with little to no fat to keep your liver available to better transport glucose to your brain and muscles.

Please do not take more than 1 packet full (4 capsules) in a single day. 

People commonly take Infinergii with pre-workout powders, protein shakes, vitamins, herbal formulas, post workout / recovery supplements, and muscle building supplements such as L-arginine, L-tyrosine, Glutamine, Creatine, Citruline, BCAAs, Beta-Alanine. However, the most important thing to take with Infinergii from a neuroscience perspective is electrolytes. The best forms are the packets you can dump into your water bottle, or preferably coconut water.
When one takes Infinergii, they will experience a 6 hour boost of energy and clarity. Over time with consistent use, their physical and mental performance will also improve. Stress levels will go down, blood oxygenation will go up, healing rates will speed up, and the benefits can seem too good to be true for some. So the downside is that if someone stops taking Infinergii, they will slowly lose what they had gained. The reason is that athletics put a huge demand on the body including an immense amount of oxidation and free radical exposure. Other products don’t protect you from these, but Infinergii is designed not only to improve performance, but protect one from the damage of physical exercise. So if one is to go back to exercise without this protection, their performance might also decrease.

First of all within sports supplements, there are many types such as sports supplements for endurance, building muscle, recovery, nutrition, physical health, and energy. Infinergii is almost completely focused on the neurological side, so it is meant to work in combination with most sports supplements. But most often Infinergii is compared to energy supplements so lets compare the two.

Most sports energy supplements that want to improve athletic performance just put a lot of caffeine in their product to give a false sense of energy and motivation. However, neuroscience doesn’t work like that. When caffeine is given by itself, it induces a strong “stress response” in the body. From that, stress hormones will be released causing heightened anxiety, dehydration, and a lack of mental clarity. Infinergii is designed to do the opposite. Infinergii also contains some caffeine, but caffeine is a secondary ingredient we use to amplify the effects of the main ingredients. Caffeine acts on the adenosine complex and mainly switches autonomic nerve activity from the parasympathetic to the sympathetic pathways. This is good for sports and mental clarity, however the stress response is not. This is why we hinder the stress response using a number of ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs. Caffeine also taxes the liver heavily and can potentially injure the stomach. Infinergii also compensates for this as well as provides other useful ingredients for improving mental clarity, cognition, strategizing, creativity, and reaction time that caffeinated sports supplements cannot do. Infinergii is not just made by neuroscientists, but was made from the feedback of professional athletes who need to perform at their absolute best without the risks of the side-effects of caffeine in competitions. The result was a product that allows one to be fully concentrated, quick-minded, fast-reacting, creative, motivated, and accurate with every move. This subtle difference is all that is needed to get the advantage and take the win.

Please visit the Infinergii info page. If you still have questions, please contact us.

The Perform Better program is a guide on how to increase your athletic performance written by the neuroscientists at Nootripure. Most coaches will agree that 90% of athletic performance is mental, and by optimizing one’s mental state, one can maximize their results. The guide gives many tips and neuro-hacks that work synergistically with Infinergii to give one significant and lasting results. The Perform Better program is currently being developed and integrated into the Nootripure App that is expected to be released some time in 2021.

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