A nano-technology that delivers the right ingredients at the right time.

Time release technology that allows us to control the delivery rate of some of the ingredients for a more balanced feel and enhanced safety.

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Why Accuvii™?

Accuvii is particularly important when it comes to things like caffeine. Have you ever drank a cup of coffee and gotten a sudden rush? Maybe you were shaky? Maybe you couldn’t sit still and focus on your work as well? Or maybe you just felt euphoric suddenly from too much entering your body at once? Dumping a ton of a single chemical, especially something as potent (and potentially destructive) as caffeine can cause a decent amount of damage to the body and neuroreceptors. The only way to be able to handle such a thing as a cup of coffee is to consistently take it so that your body adjusts and downregulates certain neuroreceptors. This is the fundamental issue with drug abuse. Because now the receptors have either diminished or been damaged and no longer will the nervous system be able to function properly without the caffeine. This is the exact problem that Nootripure is trying to solve. So accuvii allows to administer ingredients such as caffeine over a slower timeframe which not only makes gives the body more time to adjust, it also makes it last longer too; thus giving Thriiv it’s unique 12 hour duration of effects.

How does it work?

We encapsulate microparticles of the ingredient with a lipid bilayer to help it resist the acidity of the stomach and assist it’s transportation to the liver where the bilayer is broken down according to its size. A bigger bilayer means that it will take longer to dissolve making it so that the particle of the ingredient is consumed by your body slower. By choosing how we encapsulate each ingredient, we can choose how it is administered to your body and when giving us complete control over the experience.

What is the benefit?

Many companies are in a race to see how much caffeine they can put into a drink and get away with it. Starbucks is now selling coffee in grocery stores labeled “2x caffeine” and brands everywhere are adding more caffeine to candy, soda, ice cream, chocolate, or even hot sauce. But have we ever asked why people keep consuming more and more caffeine? Is it really a trimethyl xanthine molecule that they are after, or do they really deep down just want to feel energetic and happy? It’s okay to want to be energetic and happy, but we should realize that consistently abusing drugs to feel that way has many long term negative consequences.

When people take Thriiv, they are surprised that it has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, yet the intensity is that of a cup of black tea (roughly half). Our goal is to make products that make people not only feel well, full of vitality, balanced, and mentally clear so they can get better results in what they do and enjoy doing it. All of this, with an amount of caffeine that the body is designed to handle and won’t cause long term damage.

Experience perfected science in your mind and your life.

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