Our Research

Patenting Medicinal Plant Extracts

We are currently patenting our discovery and production methods for two medicinal plant extracts that can be used in the treatment of psychological disorders and cognitive enhancement.

Combination Natural Drug Therapies

Research is being conducted on safer and more effective medications for mental wellness.

Targeted Biological Delivery Systems

AccuVii technology allows your body to absorb the right nutrients at the right time, which we use to reduce the side effects of medicinal compounds.


Thriiv uses the latest in neuroscience research to offer you a safe and effective solution to have all-day energy and motivation. Now you can reduce your stress, think more clearly, and get more done with Thriiv.

Scientifically backed. Proven. Safe. Effective.

New Releases

Simple to use products designed to change the way you live using our proprietary technologies in neuroscience research.



Calm the mind, get a full nights rest, and wake up feeling rejuvenated.



A powerful boost in energy, concentration, and reaction time designed to put top performers into an unbeatable flow state.



Explore enhanced romance through heightened feelings of playfulness, consciousness and love.



A daily regimen for stimulating brain repair, uplifting one's mood, and maximizing one's mental abilities.

About Us

Proactive health focused neuroscience research that helps people live at their potential.

A team of scientists, doctors, and health professionals that have come together to better the mental well-being of the world.

  • Doing neuroscience research with combination therapies.
  • Spreading awareness about the importance of mental health.
  • Providing products that help people live their best.

A pill can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Alcohol can… But by leveraging the power of clinically effective plant extracts, natural elements, and medicines that alter our neurophysiology in the right way at the right time, we can do or become anything, and create a life that we love.


Here are some stories of other individuals who have undergone a life transformation using the Nootripure science technology.

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    Susan Williamson

    “After having anxiety issues for years, Nootripure has helped me stay calm and focused at work, and even improve my sex life.”

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    James Johnson

    “My sales were going down, and it wasn’t looking like I was going to be able to keep my job. I started looking for something that could help me communicate better or give me any advantage in the sales field, and luckily I found Nootripure. Since then I have become the top seller in my company two months in a row.”

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    Eric Earnheart

    “I became depressed for many years. I always thought it was just my circumstances. I didn’t realize that the health of our brain dictates how we feel. Since I learned that, I have been using Nootripure products and have been living the way I have always wanted. If you’re reading this, just remember that knowledge will set you free. Learn to take care of your brain.”

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    Li Jiang

    “I make million dollar investing decisions every day and I need something that allows me to see what other people don’t. THRIIV is like contacts for your third eye, you will just know what is right.”

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    Tuy Vi

    “There was so much pressure from my parents and teachers to do well at school, but no matter what I tried I kept falling behind. It wasn’t until I tried THRIIV that I could feel like my head was above water. Now I not only feel stress free, but I also became the top of my class.”

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    Danny Coggin

    “I have been in the music business for many years and am always looking for new inspiration, creativity, or anything that is going to allow me to keep my spot on the top charts. Nootripure has been exactly that. Plus it works really good for working out too.”

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    Pablo Martinez

    “My career in extreme sports is great, but it has its challenges. I cannot afford to get hurt. It only takes one slip. But Infinergii keeps me on point so I don’t make a mistake and end up in the hospital. This is a big career changer for anyone in action sports.”

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    George Schneider

    “Since I hit 55, it seems like my memory and attention span have gone downhill. I thought it was just old age, but now I know that it is just bad brain health. So now I use Nootripure products to keep my brain healthy and I feel like I am in my 20’s again!”

Understand that these are just a few examples of how Nootripure has helped others like yourself live better. We would like to invite you to be next.


The Nootripure University hosts a wide variety of classes, events, group discussions, articles and other resources contributed by the most brilliant and innovative minds in the field of human enhancement. To gain a deeper understanding of your body and mind so that you may better optimize any area of your life, become a student by registering now.

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Interested learning more about the movement for better mental wellness?

Interested in learning more about the movement for better mental wellness?