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All day productivity

A quick acting brain health supplement that improves brain function over time while offering 12 hours of heightened clarity, cognition, concentration, and confidence to help you perform your best and accomplish your goals.
alt= "Rejuvii helps circadian rhythm disorder and makes sleep better."


Deep rejuvenating rest

The first night time product that not only helps you rest better and deeper, but also regenerates and replenishes your brain so you wake up feeling energetic, clear minded, and ready to take on the world.


Peak Athletic Performance

The first and only nootropic performance supplement for athletes. Infinergii is backed by science, safe, and effective. Infinergii not only gives one energy, but also increases alertness, concentration, reaction time and cognition while creating lasting mental performance.


Enhanced experience of love

The first ever sexual health product that does much more than increase stimulation, stamina, and libido. Pashiin enhances your experience of love.

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The Nootripure Solution

Deep down we all want to be better at what we do. We want to be more productive, more well-liked, more successful. But what does it take to become a better person? Well, it starts with creating a better mind. But unfortunately, for most, the burdens and stresses of life seem to be putting us in the opposite direction, and before we know it we begin getting held back by things like anxiety, insecurity, depression and frustration. How are we supposed to achieve when our mind starts working against us?

Until now there was no real solution. Sure we can take a drink or a pill to make ourselves happy for the day. But when it wears off we go back to where we were or worse. So how do we actually improve our mental health and our vitality in the long term so we have the best chance possible at living the rest of our life to our full potential? That’s why Nootripure is here. The Nootripure Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to improving mental wellness for the world and we are a subsidiary called Nootripure Laboratories. We use the technology developed by the research conducted by the scientists at the Nootripure Foundation to provide neuroscience based medicines that improve mental well-being.

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Research based science

Nootripure leverages integrative neuroscience technology to deliver results to people who need it most. Learn more about the science behind nootripure and some of our research projects here.

Mental Wellness is a Lifestyle

Thousands of achieving individuals across the world have already begun their journey toward better mental wellness. 

Mental Wellness is a Lifestyle

Thousands of achieving individuals across the world have already begun their journey toward better mental wellness. 

The Nootripure Community

Be part of a global community of inspired individuals who seek better mental performance for themselves and for others through superior mental health education, services, and technology.

Areas of medicine

Used to develop each Mind Health product.

Scientists and doctors

That contribute to the development of the research, products, and online education.


Reached by the Nootripure mission.

Boxes of Thriiv

Consumed by our team to create the Nootripure company.

Make a difference in your mental performance, and the world.

  • All profits go to help funding the intitiatives of the Nootripure Foundation
  • Any purchase qualifies you as a member of the Nootripure community
  • Become an ambassador of mental health
  • Free eBook on how to take a stand against mental illness


September 2019, the crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 was successfully accomplished.

This was an important step that validated that the community does indeed support and believe in better mental well-being for the people. With over 300 pledges from 23 countries, Nootripure will expand it’s mission through it’s free education services, research projects, Mind Health programs in the mission to provide mental wellness for the world.

Ready to get started on your journey to mental wellness?

Start with any product for just $59.99. After that you can change or cancel products at any time in your dashboard.


All day productivity


Rejuvenating Rest


Peak Athletic Performance


Enhanced Love Experience

Still looking for something else? Consider browsing through the Nootripure Foundation site to learn more about how you can make an impact in the world through superior mental health, or get started with your own mental health by trying our most popular product, Thriiv.