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4 Products for each area of life.


School, work, and productivity.


Optimal night-time rejuvenation.
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An enhanced experience of love.
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Peak athletic performance.
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Physiologically Balanced

Feel centered, intentional, and natural while increasing your limits.

With over 30 discovered neurotransmitters, many more undiscovered, and 12 distinct interdependently operating neuronal systems, neuroscience has become a much more eclectic field of study than the traditional brain centric theory. Because so many physiological processes are involved in maintaining the balanced performance of the mind, all systems must be incorporated into the scientific model. Here we show the how the body maintains balance from a bioelectrodynamic point of view often used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The neurotransmitter levels, flow of electrical currents, and the homeostatic balance of the brain are all important factors in understanding how the mind works, and more importantly, how to make it work better. For example: the reason why people get jittery when drinking too much caffeine is that they offset the balance of the stomach. Then the kidneys can no longer support the hyperactivity of the heart. When all systems are balanced, one can push themselves to new limits without any negative effects.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Effective. Powerful. Affordable. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

All of the Nootripure products are guaranteed to be the most effective products in their respective categories on the market. If not, you will get a 100% refund. See terms for details.

Guaranteed Potency

The ingredients in the Nootripure products are selected based on their highest available potency, ranging from 2x to 20x the market standard. To see the potency rating for each ingredient, check the ingredients on the product pages.

Guaranteed Affordability

Nootripure saves you money. Currently, each of the products are about 1/3 the cost of the market average if fairly measured "pound for pound" of active ingredients. Learn more about how we make our products affordable for everyone here.

To learn more about these benefits and more, please click the link below to see how we developed and designed the Nootripure programs.

The Novaspace Story


EDM Dance Beat Music Producer/ Platinum and Gold Record Song Writer / Audio Engineer / Record Label Manager / Serius XM Bpm #1 song of 2015

Hear how Danny Coggin (aka Novaspace) uses the Nootripure products to take his performance, creativity and his music to the next level.

Better technology for better performance.


Accuvii™ is our proprietary nano-delivery technology. It can deliver the right ingredients at the right time, to the right physiological systems to reduce side-effects and improve safety.

Integrative Neuroscience Technology

Each of the Nootripure products leverage integrative neuroscience technology to deliver superior results.


Nootriplex is an engineered phytocanna-binoid compound (extracted from plants other than cannabis) designed for optimal healing and cognition that was developed by the neuroscientists at Nootripure.


September 2019, the crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 was successfully accomplished.

This was an important step that validated that the community does indeed support and believe in better mental well-being for the people. With over 300 pledges from 23 countries, Nootripure will expand it’s mission through it’s free education services, research projects, Mind Health programs in the mission to provide mental wellness for the world.

Become a member

Join the movement for mental health.

Membership to the Nootripure Foundation is included in your purchase of any Nootripure product. The Nootripure Foundation is the center of the Nootripure organization; a charity for mental health that provides free education about mental health and conducts research for new mental health therapies. As a Nootripure member you will get special access to Nootripure events, access to the online university, a free eBook, and become eligible to receive products for free. Furthermore, the money made from your purchase goes to further the research and outreach efforts of the Nootripure Foundation.

  • Nootripure membership included
  • Access to the online university
  • Special access to Nootripure events
  • A Free eBook
  • Become eligible to receive free products
  • Support mental health
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Make a difference in your mental performance, and the world.

Be part of a global community of inspired individuals who seek better mental performance for themselves and for others through superior mental health education, services, and technology.

Still looking for something else? Consider browsing through the Nootripure Foundation site to learn more about how you can make an impact in the world through superior mental health, or get started with your own mental health by trying our most popular product, Thriiv, for free.