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Countries that we do not ship Pashiin to

Austria, Belgium,Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Central African Republic - CF, Comoros, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea - GQ
Falklands, Guinea Bissau - GW
Iran - IR, Johnston Island, Kiribati, Korea, North (North Korea), Mayotte Island, Myanmar - MM, Nauru, Niue, Saint Pierre Et Miquelon, Sao Tome & Principe, Sierra Leone - SL, Solomon Islands, Somalia - SO, St. Helena (S. Atlantic), Sudan - SD, Syria - SY, Tajikistan, Tokelau Islands, Turkmenistan, Republic Of - TM, Tuvalu, Wake Islands, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Austrailia, New Zealand

People usually notice the effects of Pashiin within 30 minutes to an hour with the peak effects being around hour 1 to 3 and a lingering feeling of pleasantness from hours 3 to 8. 

Most of the effects usually dissipate about 4 hours after consuming.

Pashiin isn’t designed to have a large cognitive shift like our other products, therefore, it was designed to be taken as 4 capsules (1 dose) at a time. Less can be taken, but this would be most likely inadequate for any short term benefits. However, for long term benefits, any dosage will help. 

The most common and only reported side effect so far is an upset stomach. Pashiin contains very potent adaptogenic herbs that can burn the stomach so we highly advise eating Pashiin with a small snack or meal. This will reduce the likelihood of a stomach ache. Please note that Pashiin works better when consumed with fat such as coconut oil or especially chocolate. 

Great! We encourage you to find what works best for you. What we suggest, is try the other product out for a month, then try Pashiin with Love Better for a month and do what works better for you. We don’t want to sell you something that doesn’t work for you, nor does it make sense from your point of view. But everyone likes different things, and we encourage exploration as to what will help you most.

Pashiin gives a subtle but elegant boost in clarity, openness, emotional connection, verbal skills, and sex drive while making one feel relaxed and at ease. It does not make one intoxicated like alcohol, or hyperactive like caffeine. Some people report the urge to get up and dance freely, having deep emotional conversations with their partner that they weren’t able to before, and also being “in flow” during their sexual experiences that seemingly  “makes time stand still”.

Pashiin is best to take an hour before any sexual encounter, making it perfect to take first thing in the morning before work, or before dinner to enjoy a romantic evening. It is also best to be consumed with chocolate as the ingredients in chocolate synergize with the ingredients in Pashiin to make them both more effective.

Alternatively, a number of our customers reported taking 2-4 capsules a day just to improve their long term sexual health and also to reduce their stress throughout the day. The choice is completely up to you. Just make sure to cycle usage. 

We highly recommend trying the product for a full month to get noticeable and substantial results. If there is an issue with the product, then you can return it for a refund, and we will cancel any future orders if you have an upcoming autoship. You can also change your autoship or cancel your autoship at any time in your dashboard.

We don’t want this to be a factor in deciding to take care of your sexual health and your performance. We reduced the price significantly for first time buyers so that you can understand how much your life and sex life will improve through a more balanced body and mind. Also, we offer 3 ways to get your products for free only available to Nootripure members or existing customers. You can check them out here. We aren’t here to make money off you, we are here to change your health and use any additional profits to help change the health of others. So if you still don’t see a way for you to try Pashiin, then please reach out to us and we will work something out.

People are often hesitant when it comes to the safety of nootropics as they are relatively new to people’s understanding. So here are a few points that will address any safety concerns.

  1. With over 30 ingredients all with various mechanisms of action, Pashiin is formulated for superior balance as to not overwork any particular system like caffeine drinks or other nootropics do. You can learn more about how we use integrative neuroscience to achieve this balance and safety here.
  2. Every ingredient is inspected and verified by 3rd party laboratories multiple times using NIR, microbial analysis, and HPLC technologies for potency and purity so you can be sure that there is no contamination of heavy metals, bacteria, or adulterated compounds.
  3. Pashiin has been on the market for one year without one adverse event reported as of the writing of this post (Jan, 2021).
  4. Pashiin leverages Accuvii technology to more accurately deliver the right ingredients at the right time so as to not abuse the organs in the way that caffeinated beverages do.
  5. The nootropics used in Pashiin are of the most popularly used, most widely studied, and with the most safety research of any nootropics in the world.
  6. Compared to a cup of coffee, Pashiin will be much easier on the body, the organs, and all physiological systems.

However, these things are stated assuming people follow the instructions and don’t abuse Pashiin. We have included a 60 page informational booklet on how to safely use Pashiin and get the most out of it for long term health benefits, and we also individually packaged each dose so that there is no confusion about how much one should take in a day. We also packaged the product in 20 count packs to keep people from continually using Pashiin when they should be cycling usage as per the instructions; and lastly, Pashiin is packed full of adaptogenic herbs should someone try to take more than they should, they physically wouldn’t be capable of consuming amounts necessary to abuse the supplement. All of these safety measures are in addition to any regulatory safety guidelines, and supersede the level of safety of any company currently selling health supplements, nootropics, or pharmaceutical products that we are aware of.

The proposition of safety is assuming that there is no damage. But beyond no damage is creating long term health. Simply being safe in itself, to us, is a very low bar to set. But making drastic improvements in mental clarity and sexual health in a matter of weeks is where we like to set the standard of safety and health with our products.

Ultimately, there is a risk with anything that we ingest, whether it be the water from our faucet, a tomato imported from another country, or a nootropic supplement. So it is best to be cautious about all things. If we were to fairly compare the safety of Pashiin with what is commonly taken, you will find that Pashiin is more safe than many health products that you are already consuming and many times more safe than common drugs such as aspirin or allergy medicine. No one in the last 50 years of nootropic use has died from the nootropic ingredients included in Pashiin, but, sadly, we couldn’t say the same for even a tomato or our drinking water, let alone the tens of thousands of people that die every year from medications given for various mental illness related conditions. The very same conditions that Nootripure is here to put an end to.

Yes, we can ship to pretty much any country in the world. Just select the international shipping option at checkout. To see the full list of countries, click here.
Yes, the ingredients and even the cannabinoids used in Pashiin are legal in every country and state in the world. This is possible because the cannabinoids in Nootriplex™ are not derived from, or are in any way related to the can-nabis plant. They are derived from unique spices found across Asia that are already approved by the FDA of every country.Some of the confusion arises from the nootropics used in Pashiin. Where nootropics are not approved or registered by the FDA but they aren’t illegal in any country either. They’re simply in an “unknown” legal category by most or all countries.The one major consideration is that Pashiin includes DHEA which is a sex hormone precursor that is not allowed in a number of countries. To see the full list of countries that do not allow this ingredient, please click here.Furthermore, we provide all the necessary paperwork for customs to help get the products through easily and without effort from your side. If the product gets held or doesn’t make it for any reason, just let us know and we will either send another box or refund your order.With that said, laws and regulations are constantly changing so it is advisable to consult with your local attorney about the ingredients in Pashiin for more clarification.

Undoubtedly the total cost of Pashiin is higher than other sexual health supplements, however, the amount you pay per active ingredient will be much higher with any other brand. If one is to measure the amount of each ingredient, per cost, you will likely come to the conclusion that all other brands are about 2x to 3x the cost of the Nootripure products. We are able to do this because we are a subsidiary of a non-profit for mental wellness and we don’t rely on the profits for our success. So, we are very confident that Pashiin is the best value on the open market in the category of sexual enhancement solutions. If you don’t agree, just show us one product that is more affordable and we will give you a comparable price as part of our best value guarantee. Also, please keep in mind, that your purchase is guaranteed, comes with the Nootripure membership benefits, the Love Better program and the money received from your purchase goes to better mental health for the world. If you would like to help make the products more affordable, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Nootripure Foundation.

It is possible, but very unlikely if you take it at least 4 hours before bedtime. Pashiin takes about 1 hour to become fully active, then lasts about 3 hours in terms of primary effects. Many are able to sleep right after as Pashiin is contains no caffeine, but we suggest to take it no less than 4 hours before bed to be safe as sleep is critically important for mental health.

Yes! Pashiin should be taken at MAXIMUM 5 days a week. Two days a week one should not consume Pashiin or any alcohol or benzodiapine drugs as these have a similar mechanism of action to that of Pashiin unless otherwise specified by a qualified medical practitioner. 

Please note to consult your doctor 

No problem. Just refuse the package, or send it back, and we will refund your money and cancel all future orders.

Certainly yes. First and foremost Pashiin must not be consumed with alcohol as the two have a bad interaction. Please wait at least 3 hours after consuming alcohol to take Pashiin. 

Furthermore, Pashiin is known to have interactions with benzodiapine medications and potentially antipsychotic and anti-depressive medications. Please consult your doctor about your medications before taking Pashiin.

Most professional sports leagues ban nootropics from being used in competitions due to the unfair advantage it gives athletes. We support this for the sake of fair competition in sports. But when it comes to simply creating better mental well-being for those who are not engaged in professional sports, there are no rules to what you can use to take the advantage over your health issues or lack of sexual performance. 

100% Guaranteed no. This would go against the laws of chemistry and physics as the cannabinoids in Nootriplex are structurally very different than the cannabinoids that are tested in a drug test. The only similarity between the two is that they tend to work on similar protein receptor groups in certain cells in the body. So far many thousands of people have used the Nootripure products without any issue of this.

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