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Think, feel and perform your best.

A quick acting brain health supplement that improves brain function over time while offering 9 hours of heightened clarity, cognition, concentration, and confidence to help you perform your best and accomplish your goals.

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  • Fully certified and science backed ingredients
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For just $5 a day, would you be curious to see what you're truly capable of?

Everyone is busy. Very few are productive. Has brain fog held you back from achieving your full potential? Frustrated about not having the clarity you need to perform your best? Are you making progress on the goals that you have worked hard for? Modern times call for modern solutions. That is why we created Thriiv.

Danny didn’t know his potential until he tried Thriiv. He was working hard but not earning much, feeling like he was stuck in a rut. But he decided to give Thriiv a shot, and now he enjoys his free time in his tropical bungalow in Thailand with his daughter as his songs top the charts.

Danny Coggin (AKA NOVASPACE)


EDM Dance Beat Music Producer/ Platinum and Gold Record Song Writer / Audio Engineer / Serius XM Bpm #1 song

“I spent over $100k on my education, multiple times that on audio equipment, and 20 years in the industry. But I didn’t invest even $100 in making my mind better. It didn’t make any sense to me, so now I take Thriiv. Since starting, I have created multiple platinum records.”

Thriiv Reviews

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The Benefits

Here are the main 6 mind enhancing benefits by which people actually notice a significant improvement in their life by using Thriiv.

  • Mental Clarity
  • Increased Confidence
  • Better Mood
  • Increased Productivity
  • More Vitality
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Better Concentration

Mental Clarity

We all want to solve the difficult challenges in our career, our relationships or wherever we want to succeed in life. However, we can feel stuck, like we are out of options, or left behind others who seemingly “have it so easy”. That’s why one of the most important benefits of Thriiv is that it helps boost cognition and creativity. It only takes one creative solution to solve even your most difficult problems. So let Thriiv be the change in mental state that allows you to create the solutions that make all the difference.

Increased Confidence

Confidence helps build trust and relationships which can be particularly important when it comes to social situations such as presentations, dating, interviews, or any time we might feel unsure about ourselves. A lack of confidence can cause us to have doubts about ourselves or others have doubts about us which can lead to lost opportunities. Unfortunately, one of the main side effects of caffeine is increased anxiety (the opposite of confidence) so we designed Thriiv to counter the side effects of caffeine by lowering stress and increasing executive confidence so that one can make a good impression in every situation.
With Thriiv, you can now feel sure that you can give every opportunity your best.

Better Mood

Scientists have found that positive emotion is necessary for complex tasks such as learning or adapting to new situations. But too often we lack the positivity and optimism to see clearly or stay motivated. That’s why Thriiv’s ingredients are specifically designed to help increase the neurotransmitter levels that allow you to feel optimistic and motivated once again. Now you can take on the world, or the Monday morning meeting, with joy.

Increased Productivity

Progress is the foundation of joy. If we don’t feel like we are making progress, we become frustrated, feel stuck, and possibly even low self value. To be more productive, we often stay up late to finish our daily tasks, take caffeine or drugs that sacrifice our energy levels in the long run, and become stressed. Thriiv increases cognition, concentration ability, mood, and so that you can get more done in less time. With improved productivity, goals are more easily attainable, and you can have more time to do the things you love.

More Vitality

Why important?: Our vitality is the source from which all our energy comes from. Do you wake up every morning full of energy? Do you ever get tired too easily? Feel burnt out? Exhausted? Unlike any other solution, Thriiv will provide utmost vitality in your mind, body and spirit for 12 straight hours. Never feel like you’re too lethargic to get it done again. Begin to Thriiv.

Improve Mental Health

As Prince Ea once said, “Would you rather live without all of your teeth, or live without your mental health? Everybody will say ‘I will gladly be a toothless mother f***er’.” Unfortunately, too many people live without their mental health because we tried taking shortcuts in the past that weren’t beneficial for our mental health in the long run. Now that you’re older, you are living with those decisions as you watch others who seem to have success come to them “so easily”. Now is the time to change course to a direction of creating mental wellness for yourself, and there is no better tool than Thriiv. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get to the point where every day is a great day, everything you do is done in flow, every conversation connects, and every goal is hit. It’s your turn.

Better Concentration

What good is having energy, optimism, creativity, and all these things if not applied concisely to a single goal? Concentration makes your efforts come together in a precise and useful way. Like they say, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Have you been focused on your goals? Are you getting distracted easily? Do you feel like you can’t stay concentrated enough to get your tasks accomplished? Then let Thriiv put your mind into a flow state where distractions are easily managed and your mind is unwavering from the task at hand. Now you can apply your efforts and your energy to where it will give the most results and appreciation.

Ready to experience the benefits of Thriiv?

Better thinking, better results.

Get more done in less time by beating brain fog, overcoming difficult challenges, and have more time for the things that matter most.

Increased Mental Clarity

Improve mental clarity while supporting long-term mental health. With Thriiv, we’ve developed a formula so you’ll feel like you finally unlocked your brain's full potential, consistently.

Better mental health

You deserve mental clarity that lasts so that you can have the vitality to do the things you want to do most in life. This is why we use integrative neuroscience technology to deliver superior long term healing benefits that keep your mind sharp.

Improved productivity

With a clear mind, you’ll be more productive with whatever you’re working on throughout the day. Thriiv was developed to maintain strong, energized focus throughout the day - so you can be as productive as possible.

THRIIV v1.0  vs.  THRIIV v2.0

The main differences between Thriiv version 1 and Thriiv version 2.


Effect intensity (%) for Thriiv v1.0 over 12 hours. Time 0 is 40 min after consumption


Effect intensity (%) for Thriiv v2.0 over 12 hours. Time 0 is 40 min after consumption

As you can see in the charts, the effect profile of Thriiv v2.0 is a lot more consistent whereas there is a bit of lag time in the beginning with Thriiv 1.0. Furthermore, the main additional benefit with Thriiv 2.0 is that the effects are designed to last for 12 hours rather than 9. The third noticeable difference is that Thriiv 2.0 is about 15% more potent than Thriiv 1.0, so the effects will be more intense overall with a full dose. For this reason we increased the number of capsules from 2 to 3 so people would have better control over the intensity of their experience. Further differences can be found in the table below.


6 Nootropics

6 Nootropics powering the cognitive enhancing effects.

6 Adaptogens

6 adaptogens used to balance the formula according to INT principles.

80% Potency

The ingredients in Thriiv v1.0 are about 80% of the potency of that of Thriiv v2.0. 

2 Capsules

All the ingredients are packed into 2 capsules, so one can either take a half or full dose.

15 Doses Per Month

Required one week intermittent break to reset one’s physiology according to cycling principles.

Contains DHEA and Vitamin K2

These ingredients are not allowed into some countries.

Blister Packaging

One single tray of individually sealed capsules. Need to cut in order to be portable. Blisters cannot be returned once partially used.

No Booklet

Only contains an instruction card on how to dose and cycle but no further information.


9 Nootropics

9 Nootropics powering the cognitive enhancing effects.

9 Adaptogens

9 adaptogens used to balance the formula according to INT principles.

100% Potency

The ingredients in Thriiv v2.0 are about 115% of the potency of that of Thriiv v1.0. 

3 Capsules

The full dose is split into 3 capsules, giving people the option to take Thriiv in 3 different levels of potency. 

20 Doses Per Month

Only required to take 2-3 days off a week per cycling principles.

No DHEA or Vitamin K2

Makes for better international compliance.

Individually Sealed Packets

20 individually sealed packets for greater portability and ability to give partial returns for unused packets.

Informational Booklet

Contains a 100 page booklet on how to get the most from Thriiv and how to further optimize one’s cognitive performance.

Keep in mind that Thriiv v1.0 was already the most effective and the most affordable cognitive enhancement product on the market. In receiving customer feedback over the last 3 years and developing new technologies, we were still able to make a number of significant improvements. Now that Thriiv 2.0 is out, it is your opportunity to take advantage of the deals we are having on Thriiv v1.0.  We dropped the price by $20 and are offering further discounts for bulk purchases.

Get Thriiv v1.0 Now for only $109.99  $89.99 or get it for as low as $44.99 when you purchase multiple boxes.

The Science

We use integrative neuroscience principles to ensure that Thriiv is able to help you achieve optimal performance while reducing side effects and improving long-term mental health.

The ingredients

A blend of Ayurvedic herbs, nootropics, TCM herbs, adaptogens, mushrooms, and neurovitamins for mental clarity and well-being.

The Value

Because we are a subsidiary of a non-profit for mental health, we are able to provide low cost products that further the mission of the Nootripure Foundation of providing mental wellness for the world. Thriiv may have a higher total cost, but if you weigh the actual ingredients in the package fairly against all other products, you will find that all our products are ½ to ⅓ the cost of most other companies in the supplement industry. To back up our statement, we price match guarantee Thriiv to be more affordable than any similar product on the market. We do this to make mental health affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that better products lead to better results, and better results lead to a better world.

Theresa Plain

Who Uses Thriiv?

Thriiv vs. Others

Lets see how Thriiv compares to some other popular performance enhancement solutions.

Effects are measured on a 1 to 10 rating scale 10 being effective improvement and 1 being no improvement. Based on a 12 person survey. *Nootropics refers to using the best nootropic for that specific category.

In this graphical summary, you can see that no other solution is able to provide fast acting, effective benefits across a multitude of cognitive metrics like Thriiv.


  • Increase cognition, memory, mood, reaction time, awareness, and creativity
  • Non-addictive
  • Long-term mental health benefits
  • Cancel or pause autoship any time
  • Little to no side effects
  • Developed by a team of neuroscientists & doctors
  • MiindHealth™ program Think Better included
  • Price match guarantee
  • Developed via Integrative Neuroscience Technology
  • One month supply
  • Accuvii™ technology
  • Nootriplex™ technology
  • Legal in every country and state
  • Deliver to over 200 countries
  • Costs less than $5 a day
  • Fast & easy shipping
  • Easy & hassle free returns
  • Starts in just 30 minutes and lasts 11-12 hours
  • Reduce stress, stay confident
  • Easier to achieve flow states
  • Backed by neuroscience
  • Most effective guarantee
  • Maximum potency
  • Nootripure Foundation Membership
  • Earn up to $20 for each referral
  • Easy-to-use autoship system
  • Online University Access
  • Free eBook about Mental Health
  • Supports better mental health for the world

Get started for less than $5 a day.


$89.99 first box

With further discounts for bulk orders

  • 30 Day program that creates lasting change in mental performance
  • Guaranteed to be the most effective in its class
  • Full months supply - 60 Capsules
  • Less than $5 for 12 hours of productivity
  • GMP certified FDA registered, and vegan

* Promo code discounts are applied at checkout.

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Please visit the FAQ page here fore more information. If you still have a question please feel free to contact us, and we one of our cognitively enhanced representatives will answer your questions at lightning speed.

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Experience the latest revision of what was already the number one cognitive enhancement product on the market.

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