THRIIV v1.0  vs.  THRIIV v2.0

Learn about the main differences between the first and the newly released (Jan 2021) second version of the world’s leading cognitive enhancement product.


We are constantly improving just like you are.

From Nootripure’s mission to make superior mental health accessible to all, Thriiv was born. For the last 3 years, Thriiv has topped the charts as the world’s leader in cognitive enhancement. Thriiv v1.0 has already changed the lives of thousands.  Both are packed full of powerful nootropics and adaptogens, both are balanced with integrative neuroscience principles, both include our proprietary technologies such as Accuvii and Nootriplex, and both are able to provide extremely effective results in the short term as well as long term brain health benefits. Yet, we still believe in constantly improving so we made a number of improvements in the latest version that we would like to explain more in detail in this page.


Effect intensity (%) for Thriiv v1.0 over 12 hours. Time 0 is 40 min after consumption


Effect intensity (%) for Thriiv v2.0 over 12 hours. Time 0 is 40 min after consumption

As you can see in the charts, the effect profile of Thriiv v2.0 is a lot more consistent whereas there is a bit of lag time in the beginning with Thriiv 1.0. Furthermore, the main additional benefit with Thriiv 2.0 is that the effects are designed to last for 12 hours rather than 9. The third noticeable difference is that Thriiv 2.0 is about 15% more potent than Thriiv 1.0, so the effects will be more intense overall with a full dose. For this reason we increased the number of capsules from 2 to 3 so people would have better control over the intensity of their experience. Further differences can be found in the table below.


6 Nootropics

6 Nootropics powering the cognitive enhancing effects.

6 Adaptogens

6 adaptogens used to balance the formula according to INT principles.

80% Potency

The ingredients in Thriiv v1.0 are about 80% of the potency of that of Thriiv v2.0. 

2 Capsules

All the ingredients are packed into 2 capsules, so one can either take a half or full dose.

15 Doses Per Month

Required one week intermittent break to reset one’s physiology according to cycling principles.

Contains DHEA and Vitamin K2

These ingredients are not allowed into some countries.

Blister Packaging

One single tray of individually sealed capsules. Need to cut in order to be portable. Blisters cannot be returned once partially used.

No Booklet

Only contains an instruction card on how to dose and cycle but no further information.


9 Nootropics

9 Nootropics powering the cognitive enhancing effects.

9 Adaptogens

9 adaptogens used to balance the formula according to INT principles.

100% Potency

The ingredients in Thriiv v2.0 are about 115% of the potency of that of Thriiv v1.0. 

3 Capsules

The full dose is split into 3 capsules, giving people the option to take Thriiv in 3 different levels of potency. 

20 Doses Per Month

Only required to take 2-3 days off a week per cycling principles.

No DHEA or Vitamin K2

Makes for better international compliance.

Individually Sealed Packets

20 individually sealed packets for greater portability and ability to give partial returns for unused packets.

Informational Booklet

Contains a 100 page booklet on how to get the most from Thriiv and how to further optimize one’s cognitive performance.

Keep in mind that Thriiv v1.0 was already the most effective and the most affordable cognitive enhancement product on the market. In receiving customer feedback over the last 3 years and developing new technologies, we were still able to make a number of significant improvements. Now that Thriiv 2.0 is out, it is your opportunity to take advantage of the deals we are having on Thriiv v1.0.  We dropped the price by $20 and are offering further discounts for bulk purchases.

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