Safety is our top priority

Thousands of happy customers, zero negative reactions.

Learn more about the measures that we take to ensure safe use of the Nootripure products far beyond that of the requirements of the FDA or any certifying body. We aim to be the leader in the area of cognitive improvement for safety and here is what we are doing to ensure that with everything that we do.

Safer Formulation

A balanced combination of ingredients that offers more benefits with less risk.

We ensure safety in our products from the very first step. Because many nootropics, herbs, and even sources of vitamins can have adverse reactions, we first do extensive background research on each ingredient before considering it in our formulas. Based on that information we select the primary ingredients and then balance the formula with integrative neuroscience principles by multiple of the scientists and doctors on our team with a combined 100 years of experience. We then conduct 3 rounds of pre-clinical testing on a beta group. The final result is a product that offers the most result with the least side effects, making for the best experience for everyone.

Safer Ingredients

Thoroughly researched and tested to be of the highest purity.

For each of the ingredients that we select in the formulas, we use an AI bot to scrape the internet for scientific studies and self-reported experiences. We then combine previous adverse reactions reported in the studies along with the real-world user reports to determine the level of safety. We choose nootropics that have decades of safety data with the least adverse reactions. Once we select the ingredient, we then get samples from multiple manufacturers and have them tested by 3rd party laboratories to determine which has the highest potency and lowest contamination to ensure that our products offer superior safety for our customers.

Safer Use

Designed with the user in mind.

The products come in individually sealed packages pre-dosed to the maximum one should take in a day which are placed into weekly compartments within the box. We then add an instructional booklet on top that provides safety, use, and supplemental information. We also give free access to the Nootripure University so that our customers can become better educated about how to safely improve their mental health while using the Nootripure products and right now we are creating the Nootripure app that will further assist the user on how to safely maximize their experience with the Nootripure products.

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Safer Alternative

In regards to safety, we set the example for the industry.

There are a lot of supplement products and other products that claim to help one improve their mental performance on the market. However, not very many come dosed in individual packets to ensure proper dosing. Not very many include safety instructions and online education about how to properly use and benefit from the products. Not very many put their products through rigorous analysis with multiple rounds of pre-clinical testing using bioelectric, neuro-physiological, and in vivo models. Not very many are designed to not only resolve the health issues of the person quickly so that no further damage is done, but are also designed to improve performance while reducing side effects. In fact, almost every single other performance enhancing product will make your health worse over time. We work hard to make sure that you have the best possible chance of being able to change your health and your life for the better; and we hope that by doing so other companies will learn and follow.

You deserve only the best. You deserve Nootripure.

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