The Science

Check out the cool stuff we like to nerd out on and how that reflects into making products that are unmatched in the industry.


How we leverage integrative neuroscience to create better products.

The core behind everything we do and every product is Integrative Neuroscience Technology. We use a analytical models that represent bioelectric, pharmacological, and biopsychological principles all in one application to ensure that each product is able to work with maximal efficacy and minimal side-effects. To do this, we have people on our team with backgrounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and various areas of neuroscience. Our products are designed to give people substantial results in day or weeks, not months or years, and are at the forefront of the nutraceutical industry.


Safety standards that are anything but standard.

Safety is the top priority of our organization. With thousands of products sold in over 30 countries throughout the world, we have not had one incident, and we plan on keeping it that way. But safety isn’t just about making sure the products are not contaminated. It’s about making sure that people don’t create any detriment to their health in the process. According to our standard of safety, a cup of organic, freshly brewed, coffee would fail most tests. We hope that by keeping a higher standard of safety that we can set an example for the industry. Click below to learn more about how we go above and beyond to make sure that you are safe now and in the future.


Making the best of neuroscience available for everyone.

Previously, scientific applications that can create results like the Nootripure products were done by doctors through comprehensive treatment programs that could easily total thousands of dollars. But due to innovations in our product development, our manufacturing processes, and also our business model (we are a subsidiary of a non-profit), that we are able to provide equally beneficial solutions to you for the price of a cafe frappuccino. Now improving one’s mental performance and health with integrative neuroscience technology is practical, accessible, fun, and can be delivered right to your door. Click below to learn more about the value of the Nootripure products and how we make them as affordable as possible through the mission of the Nootripure Foundation.


Complimentary educational tools that further improve the products.

Along with well balanced and safe products, we provide complimentary learning materials in our very own online university for learning to safely optimize one’s mental performance, and inside the product too. We believe that any tool’s capability is limited depending on how well we know how to use it. Furthermore, nutraceutical science is only one part to becoming healthy. There are many other factors that are supplemented by our educational materials. We also have an app that is currently under development meant to further improve the overall benefit of the products. 

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Accuvii™ is our nano-delivery technology that we use in the Nootripure products to ensure that right ingredients are delivered at the right time. We do this to make it easier for the liver and other organs to metabolize the ingredients and also not to cause disruptions in neurotransmitter levels. The result is less side effects, superior safety, and better results.


Nootriplex™ is a cannabinoid based compound that we developed at Nootripure Laboratories. We leverage the science behind cannabinoids to create enhanced healing and stress reducing effects for the Nootripure products. From this, the Nootripure products will be more balanced which will lead to a more balanced mind and a more balanced life.

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