Why Rejuvii

Learn about how the sleep process regenerates the mind and how Rejuvii uses integrative neuroscience to enhance those processes.

Sleep Stats

Learn more about sleeplessness in our society through these statistics.

Currently 50-70 million people suffer from sleep disorders in the US.

– NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). National Sleep Disorders Research Plan, 2003. Bethesda, MD: National Institutes of Health; 2003. –

30% of adults suffer from insomnia – American Sleep Association (2006)

411 Billion in economic loss from the United States due to poor sleep. – Rand Corporation: Why Sleep Matters (2016)

People who reported being tired “almost always” experienced 4.4 times the amount of productivity loss. Association Between Sleep and Productivity Loss Gingerich et al. (2017)
9,000,000 people in the US are currently taking sleep medications. – August 2013 Centers for Disease Control

18% of people report taking OTC sleep aids. – Consumer Reports, 2017

“Most [sleep] medications only increase total sleep time by about 20 to 30 minutes… and some commonly used sleep drugs haven’t been shown to help at all.” – Daniel Buysse, M.D., UPMC professor of sleep medicine and professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
People taking sleep medications reported side effects such as feeling drowsy, confused, or forgetful the next day. – July 2018 Consumer Reports Survey of 1,767 U.S. Adults
Driving after using a sleep medication the previous night makes you twice as likely to get into a car accident compared to that if you were driving drunk. – Sedative Hypnotic Medication Use and the Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash, August 2015, American Journal of Public Health
Wait a minute! 9 million people right now are twice as likely to die in a car crash, are feeling  more groggy and tired the next day, are in bed longer (meaning less time for other things), all for an extra 20 minutes of sleep? Why are sleep drugs so popular then?

The Inconvenient Truth about Sleep Drugs

Why Current Solutions Aren’t Solving the Problem

The main issue is that in order for a company to sell a drug for sleep, they don’t have to prove very much. Meaning, you may think this is great technology or somehow superior in benefits because of the large brand or the high cost, but in reality, they have never said that the medication is effective, nor have they said it is safe to use. In fact, most doctors warn their patients against the extended use of any sleep drug.
Doesn’t the FDA only approve drugs that are effective and safe?

Yes, this is true. But by the way the laws are set up currently, the FDA lets the company making the drug determine how effectiveness and safety are measured. 

First of all, a company only has to prove that their drug helps better than taking nothing at all. Not better than a cheap supplement, not better than another drug, not better than breathing techniques… just better than nothing. If that is the only requirement, then even sniffing lavender oil has been proven to have a significant improvement on sleep and can be qualified as an effective sleep drug. [Click for source]

Furthermore, not only do drug companies have very low requirements on effectiveness, but for most sleep drugs, their safety studies only lasted a week. The long list of side effects you see on the back of the label is only the side effects that showed up in the first week of use. Also, consider that about 80% of sleep medications have addictive properties, which is unfortunate for the 9 million people who have had sleep issues lasting longer than a week and are currently taking sleep medications.

“Being a physician, caring about my patients, if they are going to ask me if one of these [sleep] medications is addicting, I am going to be honest and say there’s a chance it can be addicting,” – Medical Doctor and Sleep Expert Dr. Raj Dasgupta, Los Angeles CA

How Sleep Works

The big difference between sleeping and being asleep.

Don’t confuse being unconscious with brain repairing cycles and processes.

The tests to prove that a drug works only require one of two things. 1. Reduced time to being unconscious, or 2. Total time spent unconscious. It does help to have something calm our thinking as we get ready for bed, however, there are many physiological steps that are required to repair our mind and organs so that we can wake up feeling refreshed. No drug has ever been tested to see if it actually helps any of these critical steps in the sleep process.

Functions of REM Sleep

  • Emitting neurotransmitters that limit cognitive processing
  • Toxin removal by glial cells
  • Memory consolidation
  • Destroying unused neural pathways
  • Removing cellular waste products
  • Re-establishing electrolytic balance within neurons and dendrites
  • Maintaining neuroplasticity by using phospholipids to rebuild the cellular wall of neurons
  • Replenishing glycogen storage in neurons via the liver
  • Building new neurons in places that are in high demand
  • Dreaming
  • Down-regulating neuromuscular transmissions

10 Biological Steps to Rejuvenating Sleep

Sleep is a very intensive process of hundreds of various steps involving thousands of different chemical reactions that go in cycles. Every single step and cycle is critically important. Click any of the steps below to see a detailed breakdown of what processes are involved.
    1. As part of the circadian rhythm, serotonin slowly converts to melatonin throughout the day and signals the ventro-lateral preoptic nucleus (VLPN), part of the brainstem, to release neurotransmitters for sleep.
    2. Adenosine and prostaglandin D2 signal the other areas of the brain for deep sleep.
    3. GABA and galanin inhibit the ascending arousal system (cognition centers of the brain).
    4. The VLPN is inhibited by acetylcholine.

The lateral hypothalamus secretes orexin, which signals the rest of the nervous system to shut down, especially in the brain stem, hypothalamus, and fore-brain.

  1. Alpha wave (8-13Hz): Meditative or the feeling of “drifting off”
  2. Light Theta (3-7Hz): Heart rate slows and body temperature drops.
  3. Light Stage 3: Theta waves characterized by sudden pulses on electrical imaging equipment
  4. Delta / Deep sleep (<4Hz): Body is not responsive to sound, light and often touch.
  5. REM sleep: Brain waves, breathing and heart rate become very random. The eyes move erratically, hence the name “Rapid Eye Movement”.

The Pons areas of the brain stem secretes specific neurochemicals that release neuromuscular control and the brain goes into REM (rapid eye movemement stage) sleep. Primarily 3 Neurotransmitters are released by the Pons: Norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.

Norepinephrine conducts a wide range of functions, including regulation of cardivascular activity, micturation, respiration, sleep and dreaming, motivation, emotional expression, and mobilization in response to pleasure, fear, or stress.

Dopamine is produced predominantly within the midbrain substantia nigra and tegmentum.

5HT serotonin receptors restrict perceptual and information processing and in fact increases the threshold for neural responses to occur at both the neocortical and limbic level, making brain activity slow down.

The lymph system carries special neuro-nutrients such as medium chain triglycerides, proteins, and neurovitamins to the brain through a system of tubes called the glymphatic system.

The liver releases glycogen through the cardiovascular system to the brain to replenish the energy stores of the neurons. Glucose, the precursor to ATP (cellular fuel) is chained together by the body into long strands called glycogen. About 100-120g of glycogen is stored in the liver. The liver passes glycogen through the bloodstream which gets readily absorbed by mainly the astrocyte brain cells. By the end of the sleep cycle, the liver is almost devoid of glycogen stores. (Brown ; Cataldo and Broadwell ; Magistretti et al. )

The lungs erratically breathe in big breaths of air to deliver oxygen to the brain to support the metabolic  processes. During non-REM sleep, the lungs will breathe more consistently, but significantly less than during daytime breathing with less oxygen in the blood. During REM sleep, breathing becomes more irradic, with bigger breaths taken in corresponding to the eye movements, but the blood oxygen level becomes even lower due to the increased consumption of oxygen by the brain. Douglas, NJ; White, DP; Pickett, CK; Weil, JV; Zwillich, CW (1982)

The brain shrinks to about 60% of it’s original volume while expanding tubules of cerebrospinal fluid (fluid from the spine) as a means to “flush” out neuronal metabolic waste products. This system of tubules performs similarly to the well-known lymph system in the body, but solely operates in the brain. The glymphatic system then carries away the old fats, proteins, excess waste products, and toxins, specifically carbon dioxide, ammonia, and proteins such as amyloid-beta (the primary protein found in brain plaque buildup in alzeihmer’s patients) back to the liver to be encapsulated and sent to the colon for disposal.

Neurotransmitters are produced and well regulated by the microbiome and the enteric nervous system within the colon. At the end of the sleep cycle, neurotransmitters such as serotonin are produced mostly by the enterochromaffin cells of the mucosa. 

Wakefulness promoting neurotransmitters such as glutamate, acetylcholine, dopamine, adrenaline, and histamine then activate the ascending arousal pathway and cause the thalamus to slowly speed up the brain waves from delta (~3Hz) to Beta (~18Hz), making us feel awake.

REM Sleep and the Glymphatic Process

One of the most important factors about sleep is how well the glymphatic system is able to remove toxins from the brain. This function cannot be performed to any degree while awake hence why people will die if they become chronically sleep deprived. But if a healthy glymphatic system is so important, then why doesn’t your doctor talk about how to improve your Pons or glymphatic performance?

In 2012, researchers published a case report in Science Translational Medicine supporting the existence of a glymphatic system in humans. Science has only discovered that the glymphatic system exists in humans a few years ago. So this information is brand new and not yet taught in medical school curriculum. 

“Neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease are ALL characterized by the buildup of excess proteins not cleared by the glymph system.”

Center for Translational Neuromedicine, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY 14642, USA

What makes an effective solution

So how do we get into a deep sleep and improve the glymphatic system so that we can finally rejuvenate our brain and feel like we were when we were young?

We put the answer into a program called Sleep Better.

The Sleep Better Program is the final form of Integrative Neuroscience Technology that has helped numerous people rejuvenate their minds with better sleep.

The centerpiece of the program is to address the issue from multiple different approaches to assist your body into a natural state of being, so that you can feel naturally rejuvenated. Those methodologies we specifically focused on in this program are:

  • Supports the glymphatic system
  • Assists with memory consolidation & learning
  • Improves neuroplasticity
  • Helps support the liver during the sleep process
  • Builds new neurons in places that are in high demand
  • Prepares the VLPN to induce REM stage sleep
  • Assists the pons in activating REM sleep
  • Helps clear toxins from brain
  • Makes falling asleep easier

The Nootripure Way

A Scientific Approach to an Effective Sleep Solution

Based on psychology, neuroscience, and user feedback we found that the ideal sleep solution would possess these 10 specific properties.

  1. Work with the body’s natural physiological processes to restore brain functionality
  2. Be safe, balanced, and nearly free of side effects
  3. Would not distort perception or judgement
  4. Would relax the mind and reduce stress
  5. Would create a positive emotional state to reduce worry or overthinking
  6. Help rebalance neuro-nutrient levels for optimal performance
  7. Replenish the body and mind after daily use of nootropics or caffeine
  8. Be able to be used regularly and on an ongoing basis
  9. Will help the mind engage in deeper and restorative sleep cycles
  10. Must improve overall health over time

After reviewing over 100 products marketed as sleep aids, we found that at best they would only cover 3 or 4 of these requirements. However, we thought that wouldn’t be good enough. If we were to really make a significant impact in mental health in regards to sleep on a global scale, we would need a solution that was able to satisfy all 10 requirements. After much research, testing, and formulation, we finally created a solution: Rejuvii.

Rejuvii is the world’s first product that can fulfill all 10 requirements of an effective sleep solution and here is how.

Natural and Restorative

Rejuvii works to enhance the organs that support the brain rather than using chemicals to manipulate the brain directly. Only when the organs are operating in balance can the brain function better and be more restored in the morning. Some examples of this are Rejuvii supports liver function which resupplies glycogen (the form of carbohydrates your brain uses throughout the day) to the brain, Rejuvii works with the kidneys to help rebalance the electrolytes in the nervous system, and Rejuvii helps the lungs deliver more oxygen to the blood and thus the brain.

Side-effect Free

Rejuvii was designed with over 30 ingredients to be physiologically balanced. By keeping the body balanced and not over-using one physiological system such as chemicals do, the mind will be clear and the body will feel good.

Clear Judgement

Many sleep solutions work by putting the brain in a hypnotic state or by limiting the metabolic rate in certain areas of the brain. Doing this can cause hallucinations or errors in perception or thought as parts of the brain will still be active and other parts will be inactive. This makes it dangerous to drive or even function while the effects of the sleep aid are still in effect. In contrast, Rejuvii leverages medicinal herbs that do not distort cognitive processes.

Relaxes the Mind

Rejuvii includes a number of ingredients that reduce stress and relax the mind such as the adaptogenic herb ashwagandha that is known to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Further ingredients such as the nootropic flouro-GABA help increase GABA transmission and reduce activity in the cognitive centers of the brain.

Reduces Stress

It is very difficult to get a good rest when feeling worried or overthinking. Herbs like kava help increase neurotransmitters that are known to promote happiness and feelings of well-being. When in a positive mood, good rest becomes natural and easy.

Rebalance Neuro-nutrients

Rejuvii contains a total of over 70 minerals, many of which are critical for proper neurological function. More specifically, magnesium helps moderate the neuromuscular junctions of the body helping muscles relax and zinc helps in the formation and redevelopment of neurons.

Mind Replenishment

Stimulants like caffeine are known to deplete the liver and also electrolytes. Rejuvii contains a number of electrolytes and supports proper liver function. The result is that by preparing the body to function well at night, one will have a greater foundation of energy throughout the day. This makes Rejuvii the perfect night-time solution for anyone that uses Thriiv, Infinergii, nootropics, coffee or any other energy type supplements to boost their performance during the day.

Regular and Consistent Use

Rejuvii can safely be taken up to 5 days a week and has little to no tolerance buildup. In fact, many users report needing less the more they use as Rejuvii as Rejuvii is designed to have lasting effects of improved organ balance and reduced stress.

Deep & Efficient Rest

Ingredients like Nootriplex™ help the mind more easily move into deeper stages such as the delta or REM stages. During these stages the brain and body will repair at the fastest rate.

Long Term Health

All of Rejuvii’s ingredients have been shown in studies to improve mental faculties. Not only that, but by getting good rest, one will be able to rejuvenate their body and their mind not only for the following day, but long into the future.

Now you can enhance your sexual performance so that you can live fully once again thanks to our team of scientists.

Dr. Dai Lee PhD


Rejuvii Project Lead

“With the goal of improving quality of life, we have developed Rejuvii™ to offer a healthier and more effective alternative to current sleep solutions with less side-effects to the general public.”

We rely upon you resolving your sleep issues.

Nootripure is a neuroscience based non-profit for mental health whose mission it is to give people tools to better their mental well-being. If our research and technology doesn’t give results, then we don't get funded and go out of business. The Nootripure products are an essential part of what we do because it proves the validity of our research and technology and allows us to track our impact. As we continue to develop technology, we hope that we can use our data to expedite our research to provide better solutions that heal more people, faster.

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