Our Potency

We deliver fast results because we provide the best products using the best ingredients.

Our products do more for most people in one day than other supplement brands will do in a month. In this page we want to share with you how we were able to create such powerful physiological effects with so few capsules. Beyond just choosing more effective ingredients and enhancing them using our select nanotechnologies, ingredient potency can make a big difference when it comes to delivering results. How else could we charge $100 a product unless we delivered results no other company could?

THRIIV's Ingredients Compared to a Top Quality Supplements

Lets take the example of ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an herb traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine that is known as “Indian Ginseng” and has a lot of useful purposes such as reducing stress, improving digestion, improving memory and increasing cognition. You will find it in most of our products.

The active ingredient in Ashwagandha is called “withanolides”. What that means is that scientists have discovered the exact type of molecules in the ashwagandha plant that are responsible for giving the beneficial effects. In summary, the withanolides will give you strong physiological benefits, and the rest of the plant will likely just make your stomach feel uneasy. So if we are looking for healing, we will look to consume as many of these withanolides as possible. Unfortunately a lot of companies don’t include many withanolides.

Figure A: High Quality Ashwagandha Supplement Label

We looked for the highest quality and also most expensive ashwagandha product on Amazon and found that it contained “2.5mg withanolides” according to their label. The total contents were 350mg. Therefore the percentage of withanolides to total herb is 0.7% which is above average and certainly a high quality supplement worth spending the extra money for.
Now let’s compare with THRIIV which contains only 150mg of ashwagandha with 10% withanolides among many other ingredients. The total withanolide content in THRIIV is 15mg.

In conclusion, just from the ashwagandha alone, one would need to take 6 capsules of the selected premium supplement to get the same benefits from just the 150mg of ashwagandha in 2 capsules of THRIIV. Keep in mind that this particular supplement is actually one of the highest quality ashwagandha supplements on the market. This is just one ingredient, but all of the ingredients we use are at the highest potency. So taking 2 full capsules of THRIIV may equal as many as taking a whole bottle of individual ingredients to get the same effect. But who wants to eat a whole bottle of pills every morning?
This is why THRIIV can deliver results in one day. THRIIV is also easy to take. With just two easy to swallow capsules, one can experience the mind enhancing effects without having to take handfuls of pills or having to pay extra for buying multiple products. The rest of this page we will fill with more examples of comparisons that highlight the potency of our ingredients.