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Learn about how easy it is to earn free products and cash..

Earn Cash


Every time someone you refer buys the product, $20 will be added to your account. After you have earned more than $60, you can request a payout and we will send the cash from your account to your paypal.

Give Coupons


When you share your link, it’s not just about what is in it for you. It’s about what you can give to your friends. And in this case, you can give your friends $10 store credit to help them get the results in life they are looking for through superior neuroscience. What better gift could a friend possibly ask for?!?!

Get Free Products

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If 3 people click your personal link and buy one product each, you will be rewarded 3 x $20. After 3 referrals we will give you a $40 coupon applied to your account. From there you will be able to purchase your next product with store credit alone, making it pretty much free.

Manage Easily


Get access to the affiliate dashboard loaded with tons of marketing features that allows you to make a big impact with your marketing, and track everything with reporting and analytics. Get real-time updates, notifications and statistics on your referrals. Request payouts, create campaigns, and view your earnings. Everything you need to create a successful campaign.

Earn Effortlessly


Making money with Nootripure is as easy as copy-paste. Just paste your personal link and share with your network. We will handle the rest. From answering questions, to creating informational content, to managing orders, shipping, logistics, and maintaining a quality experience for your friends and network. It is already easy to share about things you love, but now it is easy to make money doing it too.

Get Premium Support


We are here to help answer any questions you have. We also have a large amount of high quality marketing material available. Furthermore, we can help you strategize as to how to best share your message with your target market so that you can optimize your results, and help optimize your friends’ health.


How to Become an Affiliate

To become an affiliate, all you need to do is purchase one sample or product. We believe that you cannot represent something that you have not tried. So give it a shot. We know you will like our products. And if you happen to want to share your excitement with others, then your affiliate account and benefits will be already set up waiting for you.

How Do I Share Nootripure Products?

The simple answer is with class. Please try not to sound sales-y, spam-y, or anything that is a turn-off for most people. More detailed guidelines are listed here.

How Often Do You Pay Out?

You have to request a payout. A payout can be requested once you have earned $60 or more.

How Do You Payout?

We pay out via PayPal. There is also a standard PayPal fee which is about 3%.

Where Can I Promote Nootripure Products?

You can promote our products anywhere in the mainstream and away from audiences that are under 18. Some examples of where you could promote our products could be your facebook, IG, twitter, blog, Reddit, conventions, charity events, church gatherings, festivals, sports competitions, colleges. Some examples as to where you should not promote Nootripure products include adult websites, illegal drug related websites or forums, high schools or anywhere there are children under 18.

What Countries Can I Be an Affiliate?

You can be in any country. In order to activate your account you will need to make a purchase. We listed a couple websites that can help you get products outside of the US. Keep in mind that customers outside of the US will have to ship their item through a 3rd party carrier such as Borderlinx or Parcl, so it is best to market to US residents.

Does it Cost Anything to Be an Affiliate?

No. Except for whatever initial purchase you make to activate your account. This can be as little as $10.

How Do I Cancel My Affiliate Account?

Yes, you can. Just send us a message. But there is no point, as just forgetting about it will do about the same thing.

Can I Use Nootripure Branding in My Campaigns

You cannot create campaigns to where it looks like your posts were made by our company. However, you can say “Check out these great products from Nootripure” or use our name and product names. Please use common sense to be respectful to our brand and forthcoming to your market to let them know (explicitly or implicitly) that you are marketing our products and are not the company itself.

How Do I Create a Campaign?

Go to your affiliate dashboard. Enter the name of your campaign in the field labeled campaign. Press the generate link button. When you use that link, all your referrals will show up in your analytics under that campaign name. One thing to be careful of is to make sure you spell the campaign name the same each time. If you type “Cherry” one
day and type “Chery” the next day, the system will track this as two separate campaigns.

My Friend Ordered a Product But I Didn't Earn Anything?

If they purchased a sample, we do not consider them products. We don’t make any money on them so we don’t have any cash to give you a commission :(. If your friend did purchase a regular product, then please contact us and we will fix the issue.

How Do I Link to a Specific Product?

Go to My Account in the header. Click on “Affiliate Panel”, which will bring you to your affiliate dashboard. Copy the URL of the product or page you wish to direct to. Paste the URL in the field that says “Page URL”. Press “Generate Link” at the bottom of the form and copy the link at the bottom.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

For the standard affiliate, it is pretty straight forward. Every referral is $20. Or every 3 referrals is a new product. Whichever you prefer. If you are really interested in making huge profits using our affiliate system. Consider applying for our Premier Partner Program.

What is the Difference Between an Affiliate and a Partner?

Partners earn recurring commissions, which means if someone gets a subscription, a partner will earn 10% of the purchase price until the customer cancels. Partners also get a few more perks and bonuses as we consider these professional organizations looking to create a revenue stream. If you would like to become a partner, feel free to learn more about it here.

What Does it Take to Become a Premiere Partner?

Partners must go through an application process where we evaluate reach, demographics, market, brand, to make sure that the partner has the professionalism to consistently represent our brand. Whereas affiliate accounts are available to anyone who purchases a single product or sample.

Premier Partner Program

Are you a professional blogger? Health brand? Neurological health institution? Athlete? Or maybe even Instagram famous? Then apply to become a Premiere Partner. Our Premiere Partner program is designed to help professionals create another revenue stream through affiliate marketing of the Nootripure products. If this sounds like it matches your goals, check out what it means to be a Premiere Partner.